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How do you feel about May's body?

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Next Global Mission

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The sixth Pokémon Sun & Moon Global Mission has begun. This Global Mission's theme involves collecting Poké Beans in the Poké Pelago. To beat this Global Mission, over 3,000,000 Poké Beans need to be found. Rewards are 2,000 FC (Success), 200 FC (Failure) - If the game is tied to a Global Link account: 4,000 FC (Success), 400 FC (Failure). This Mission runs until May 9th 2017 23:59 UTC. If players collect 30 Poké Beans, then they will earn a Rare Candy and if 6,000,000 Poké Beans are obtained, all players with a PGL account will get a Level Ball
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Do pokemon poop?
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Are Kris and lyra the same person?

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Why can't Pokemon be as mature as Digimon?
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Left or right?
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Theme Team Thread

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post an image of 6 pokemon based off of something, and anons/tripfags have to guess the theme
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How hard is making a hackrom?
I dont want to add anything weird, just make my own map and choose what pokemons appear
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Is it ok to like the designs of certain mega pokemon over the normal version?
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I love how autists hate him because he's the most popular SM starter.
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