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/pgg/- Pokémon GO General

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Fuck the zoomers and gen 8 edition

>Official Pokémon Go Updates

>Latest APK

>Frequently Asked Questions

>Server Status


>Event Countdowns

>Local Group Map

>Pokéstop & Gym Map

>Nest Atlas

>PvP & Battle Simulators

>IV Checking (web)

>IV Checking (apps)

>Nest Migration Countdown

>Raid Counter Breakpoints

>Trainer Level Speed Calculator

>Submit Your Friend Code Here

>Find Friends Here

>Number Of Days Since Niantic Screwed Up

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Are you ready to drop a bunch of 0's? You might not make much of a difference on your own, but a group of ants together can overpower a scorpion.
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Pokemon Sword Crash in mine

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Whenever I try to enter the Galar Mine No.2 I get this same crash. Tried restarting and keep getting it. Anybody else have this same issue or know a fix?
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Guess the score, /vp/.
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How can anyone still buy this?
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New Moves Thread

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is there a pastebin of all the new moves and their stats and what not?

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>Human-Like egg group

About damn time.
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