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>Waaah where's my SS news
>He doesn't know that the vast majority of games actually have to wait for information

'LmAo yOu MeAn SoUl SiLvEr'fags need not apply
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Why so many middle evolutions are trash?

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What is your final verdict for the movie?

I liked everything but Gengar's look, the villain evil plan and the fact that Mewtwo has the power to control human and Pokemon souls for some reason.
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Seriously when the fuck is this gonna release in anywhere but Australia? I just wanna download it on my phone like a normal ass phone game already.

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Charazard thread
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So how accurate was this prediction/outcome?
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benis :D
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Waifu Thread

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Claim your waifu.
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What is Machamp shitposting about?
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Tepig thread

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Is there a better pokemon than Tepig? He is really cute and really REALLY faithful