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/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General

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Leave her alone anon >:(
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Was the darker colour palette one of the reasons why Gen 5 dex wasn't that well recieved? Would it have had a better reception had it been more bright/colourful?
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/heg/ - Hacking and Essentials General

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Alolan Nidoking

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Rate my design anons! Be kind 'cause I'm not quite good at drawing.

Fur Coat, Levitate, Pixilate

HP: 71
ATK: 67
DEF: 85
SPDF: 85
SPD: 132
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>Famitsu interview

>"Pokémon will be much easier to collect and train compared to Sun and Moon."

>"Using the “Ultra Warp Ride” to travel to other worlds, you’ll even get to visit a world with Legendary Pokémon. For example, you can meet and catch Mewtwo. That’s all Game Freak has to say about that for now and they’ll leave it to your imagination whether we’ll get to meet other Legendary Pokémon."

>"On top of a different main story from Sun & Moon, there’s an additional new episode after entering the Hall of Fame. Game Freak teases that those who are looking at it as what Platinum was to Diamond and Pearl, can expect an even more ultra huge change coming."

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Latias thread

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We needed one, right now
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/Shuffle/ General: Spooky Memes Edition

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Last Thread: >>33802973

New Events for this week: (All events except Spooky Sableye, Alolan Marowak, and Safari are one week only)
>Daily Pokemon #1 (Coins)
>Ho-oh (2 Hearts, PSB)
>Bellossom (PSB)
>Kingdra (300 Coins, PSB)
>Shiny Gyarados Memechu (PSB)
>Spooky Sableye (PSB)
>Alolan Marowak
>Pokemon Safari #4 (Crobat and Spooky Pikachu, Exp. Boosters)

Old Events from last week:
>Volcanion EB (500 Stages)

What to Grind?
>#Current Year
>Grinding Power of 5+ for Ho-oh

Safari Rates:
>Crobat and Spooky Pikachu are the rare ones at 3.33%

Upcoming Events:
>We will find out next Tuesday when GS is ready to meme us :^)

Chinese Wiki:

Compilation of useful links:

Guide to clear and S-Rank stages (Only up to Stage 500):

Up-to-date list of Skills:

A really in-depth breakdown on things related to AP and EXP (Will overwhelm those who don't like statistics)

For any one who are playing >Mobile and looking for Friends, state your Region since Friend Codes are Region specific

I will figure out which horror movie scene to base on for Spooky Tree, any suggestions would be welcome

ToTT: Since Buzzwole is Fighting Type, should Pheromosa be Bug Type instead?
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I don't remember /vp/ being this negative and cynical before, what happened?
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These Games are irrefutably unexciting

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What has happened to /vp/?

It has come to my attention that there is a brigade of those content with Gamefreak and USUM going around telling other to be happy with what there getting.

It is absolute nonsense.

I'm sorry but I and others are not happy. We aren't hyped. We are disappointed.

-We don't want and Crystal, Emerald or Platinum.
-We want a B2W2 style game.
-We want The Battle Frontier.
-We want Gyms Back.
-We want less cutscenes.
-We want Post Game.
-We want strong Trainers to face against.
-We want more than 4 island with linear routes.
-We want less hand holding.
-We want an ABUNDANCE of new pokemon and alola forms.

I am sure I have left stuff out.

What has been exhibited as of the moment is underwhelming.

To anybody who complains at us who ask for more:

Keep your uninspiring, shit taste to yourself and stop shitting on people for wanting more than a milquetoast reskin. If it is enough for you then fine, I'm happy for you.

Just don't ask us to lower our standards.
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