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/vp/ixel canvas general

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Duck Mural Edition
> where we create Pokemon art and keep hoping we don't get ducked.

The Duck mural project is getting started and we want everyone who can join to participate, located next to the quack mural,666

Everyone can submit their own duck so don't be shy

(all welcome! Join for quacks and duckies)

List of other quacking stuff:
>Decidueye to the north of pyukumuku,-95
>Rayquaza above Decidueye,-146
>Shiny Ursaring,407
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Why aren't you friends with the grass?
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So when USUM render these games obselete, will you finally admit that they're the worst Pokemon games?
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Will Conkeldurr ever be replaced as the best pure fighting type?
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Seal Saturday

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Seal Saturday: Post your favorite Pinniped/Seal from Seel Spheal and Popplio's line
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>the-o absolute-o state-o of-o kommo-o bro-os
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>Necrozma's pokedex entry states that "Light is apparently the source of its energy"
>Necrozma is based on a prism
>prisms channel/absorb light
>Learns moves Prismatic Laser, Moonlight, and Morning Sun
>Is said to be an Ultra Beast that has adapted to our world after being here since ancient times
>mysterious light revealed yesterday has eyes formed from Necrozma's facial colors, similarly seen in the Japanese logos
>transparent prism-like part on Necrozma's back has a similar star pattern
>Every third legendary has had a new form since Platinum

This is Necrozma's Pure Light Form, which he achieves after breaking free from his imprisoned Prism Form, possibly with the help of, or unwillingness, of Solgaleo/Lunala. This is why his animations show him in stress or pain, as he wants to break free to his original true form.
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Fakemon thread

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Ragdoll edition. Post cool fakemon you've found or ask for feedback on your own designs.

Previous thread >>33307332
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Primarina Dusk form Leaked

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Water/Steel is it's typing
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Game Idea Thread:

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GF makes a re-release of sorts, it is essientially a ds style rom hack, has black and white style ds graphics, you start in revamped kanto play through the base games maybe some sevi island post-game, then you go to jhoto play through the whole base game and go fight red at mt silver, then you play hoenn, followed by sinnoh, followed by unova in the same manner. Do you buy the game?
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