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Waifumon Appreciation Thread

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Who's your favorite waifumon? What do you like about them?
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>Meanwhile, in gen 1 you can capture Zapdos as early as 5 badges in and completely buttfuck the game because it's a legend and has at least 15 levels on everything else at that point
Pokemon has always been insanely easy, take off your nostalgia goggles. Oh and don't pretend capturing Zapdos at a level disadvantage is hard, I just did it by spamming sand attack, smacking it up a little, and then putting it to sleep. Even used a regular ass pokeball.
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Who was your very first starter from the first pokemon game you played?

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I always choose Charmander in FR because it just feels right but this time I want to use a different starter. Give me legitimate reasons why I should chose bulbasaur or squirtle

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A beautiful name for a beautiful lady!
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game freak missing out on some freakin ebic worldbuilding

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>pokemon with high enough intelegence intergrated into human society a jillion years ago
>other pokemon are either treated as animals or the mentally disabled are irl
>battles still exist but are super ilegal and closer to that one scene in detective pikachu than anything from the animu or vidyas
>technology is super fucking advance due to alah kazams and shit working in I.T and starting the pokechad master race

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PokeGoddess Thread

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Have you ever lost to a Trainer on purpose?
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Crown Tundra information

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Serperior is for _______
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