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Piratefag here, where is the Moonstone located in Lets go? I really want to evolve my Nidorino. Thanks.
ALSO ITT: General impressions of your first hours with the game

ITT: Assign eachother pokemon

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ITT: Finish the survey and assign eachother pokemon

Job/Field of study:
Favourite trainer class:
Favourite type(s):
Favourite region (pokemon):
Favourite starter:
Other info:

Easy mode: 1 pokemon
Normal mode: 2-3
Hard mode: 4-6
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Mr mime

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so,I hate how they made Mr mime wear gloves and shoes, pokemon are no suppose to wear anything, they said that many times now, aslo it looks so cartoony and have so much personality, I feel like Mr mime in the anime feels more realistic than this one, I can see how this can be a wild creature.
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can't catch

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Bicycles are dangerous, ride your Pokemon instead
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>Now that Let's Go is out everyone will completely forget about gen 7
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Why THE FUCK haven't you hacked your switch

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Why aren't you literally playing Let's Go RIGHT NOW FOR FREE, instead of waiting another couple of days to pay 60 dollars and financially support this lazy trash?
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Could this scene be a hint towards gen 8's graphics?
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ITT: We give non-Pokemon characters teams
I know
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Lil Guzma
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