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How did a shitty 3DS remake with 99% reused assets turn out better than Sun and Moon
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>favorite pokemon
>favorite anime

Soul Eater
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/vp/ixelcanvas General

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real non-bully owl hecking edition
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Post yfw you saw the Alola speed stats
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Lusamine thread

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Post sexy 40 year old
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/vpedits/ Edit Thread: Mermaid chicken-chan edition

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Previous Thread: >>32419256
Post edits or make requests

Gallery with some edits

shared folder that contains some more older edits

Previous thread reached image limit. We'll continue here.
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/vppoke/ Pokemon Edit Thread: Backed-up Requests Edition

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Request Pokemon recolors, proportion, anatomy changes here.

Go to /vpedits/ for trainer edits.
Go to Drawthread for major redesigns/anything which requires more drawing than editing.
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Guzma/Team Skull General

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Post some Guzma and Team Skull
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Comfy thread?
Comfy thread.
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