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I just encountered my second shiny in my Diamond nuzlocke and I’m not even at the 5th gym yet.
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remind me again why fags on /vp/ want kalos post-game? that region was devoid of any charisma and depth.

I'd rather get a "LOL BATTLE FRONTIER UNDER CONSTRUCTION" sign from ORAS than go through Kalos again.
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>there will be new natures tyat buff 2 stats instead of one (the buff being 5% instead the current 10%)
>you can decorate your pokemon with some simple decorations (bowties, hairclips etc.)
>the national pokedex will include all pokemon again
>pokemon contests make a return
>the UI is a clusterfuck to navigate, really don't know why they went with this
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Dogmon Thread.

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Dogmon thread?
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Favorites Thread

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Post yours, template below
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Do Pokèmon fart?

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>/vp/ still hasn't bowed down to the greatest fire starter out of all gens?

How sad
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I always notice english/spanish speaking artists that draw a lot of fakemon but I’ve never seen Japanese fanmade designs get circled around. Can we post some? Also fem grookey is cute, CUTE!
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/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General

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