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I love this big stupid monkey sloth. How do we fix him /vp/?
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What the fuck is wrong with me /vp/? I don't enjoy Pokémon anymore but I can't stop playing the games. Well saying I don't enjoy it is a bit disingenuous, it's more that I feel like I shouldn't enjoy it and will immediately start nitpicking and proving to myself that I ought not enjoy it. Doesn't matter if it's a newer game or an older game the same thing happens where I'll feel the urge to play the game, play it for a bit, enjoy it, then suddenly go full critic mode and think 'why are you enjoying this you fucking retard'. How do I break this cycle?
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Serena Sunday

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It's the best day of the week! Post your cutest Serena/Y-chans!

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>tfw no bf to wear matching pokemon onesies with

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Holy Shit!

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Just started a new SS Nuzloke a few days back and I just found my first shiny!!!
Holy fucking shit guys!!! It was my first encounter in this area too so I'm gonna try and keep it!
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I just chose Chikorita as my Starter. How does it look so far?

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>has the best ability
>has the best typing
>Mega looks awesome
What’s not to like about Blaziken?
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Which Gen had the best meta?
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Do you think humans and Pokemon have families together?
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Is it possible to have a Lopunny thread that isn't... weird?
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