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>Amoonguss usage dropping VGC
>Venusaur usage rising

We did it bros
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Where's that one announcement telling us she was a he?
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Only about 30 hours in and I think I'm in love, dudes. I've never felt this magnitude of amorous inclination toward a Pokegirl before... I just wanna cuddle the shit out of Ayumi-chan and protect that smile at all costs. Has anyone else experienced this before? I'm normally not one to frequent /vp/ so I am relatively unaware of the level of waifufagging degeneracy around these parts (/v/-tard here).

Now, don't get me wrong, I love some other Pokegirls as well; Lillie & Chicken-chan from the terrible Alola games, Hikari from Platinum (mostly due to her God-tier outfit), Jasmine from G/S/C, and Erika from R/B/Y all come to mind. But the difference there is that those girls took me several YEARS to develop a proper appreciation and lustful fixation for. Whereas, I literally just purchased Let's Go Eevee a week ago and I already developed far stronger feelings for Ayumi than any of the aforementioned characters.
On a related note, Ayumi is also the first Pokegirl whom I desperately want to be dommed by. I don't generally consider myself a masochist, but she seems to be awakening these urges in me for some untoward reason. The bitch is just so damn capable taking down Team Rocket members and biker gang faggots; I honestly wish I was one of those dudes just to experience her defeating me in battle so I could grovel at her (potentially stinky, non-sock wearing) feet. Goddamn.... should I seek help or something? Or is this perfectly natural for a 22 year old Genwunner?
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Hopes and dreams for Underground in the Sinnoh remakes?
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>tried to find this scene on youtube

This is one thing I've been noticing. There are barely any Pokemon anime videos on Youtube, while you can find basically any DBZ or Jojo moment.

Did Nintendo take them all down so people stopped bothering uploading or something?

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ITT Things we can already be sure about the 2019 games

>Half of the new Pokemon will end up being highly underwhelming because no move tutors
>There's going to be another gimmick bracelet thing like Megas and Z-moves that's going to increase the powercreep even more
>Postgame will feature the usual Battle Tower clone, maybe a Looker ministory (or without Looker, whatever) and that's about it

First time posting. Thought this greentext would belong here.

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>Be me
>Be 14
>Playing Pokemon Crystal in class
>Get my ass stomped by Red
>Be a lazy shit and only levelgrind once ever 3 days and spend the rest of my time playing Mother 3 Fan Translation
>Literally only gain 4 or 5 levels (Was about Level 56-58 at the time)
>Stomp Red into oblivion (same team)
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how are you guys scared of this thing? it’s a manlet
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Redistributing exclusive moves/abilities

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A cool aspect of Generation 7 is that they gave every single evolutionary family of new Pokémon an exclusive ability and/or signature move invented just for them.
(Exception being the UBs, but they all share Beast Boostmanyway. Lycanroc Midnight and Vikavolt also don't personally have access to Accelerock and Battery, but their family lines do.)

This holds true for most Alola forms as well, the outliers being Raticate, Ninetales and Persian. So I speculate they originally intended for every Alola form to follow suit. (Doesn't explain why they didn't give Aurorus Aurora Veil, but whatever.)

Anyway, they're absolutely gonna more widely distribute these things in Generation 8. What Pokémon could you see getting these? Comatose Musharna? Tangling Hair Tangrowth? EVERY Rock Type, and Accelerock?
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Furret's fucking cute. CUTE!
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