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Five fucking years.
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It’s november 21st. Pokemon release day. Midnight launch what y’all buying

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Both version of let’s go eevee and let’s go Pikachu

Eevee and pikachu plushes

The pokemon go accsriory

Pokemon joy cons

Prob cost 350 dollars total Canadian that’s not counting the 451 dollar switch. Can’t wait to support my fav series
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Just leave, is better.

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If someone is trying to help someone, is a bad person. Saying to stop hate people with no reason, is a bad thing. If someone wants to talk about some information or with the community, is a bad person. If someone use a tripcode for (RULE) not being an anon, is a bad person.
And now you're the people who blame this community everyday.
The "fag" thing and other are just an excuse to make this community worse day by day. I saw this fall from a long time, like from XY.. Every year is getting worse. In a community who everyone loves one thing, discussions are normal.
But now I'm upset, angry probably. I try to help only and i see only hate and like two people talking with me or make discussions. So, I'm gonna stop.
I'm just gonna go on reddit or twitter.
Have a nice day to the community.
And for people who loves pokémon, please, leave and go in forums or other sites.
Here, everything is ruined.

-- I post this in a thread, but, I stop to post here. There is no sense to continue this.

Pokémon community is nice if people want it. Everyone have is preference, but everyone love Pokémon.
Not here. Some people are nice, but they are totally covered by this people who don't love the brand anymore probably.
Probably i really go on Twitter. People are nice there, but i have some forums too where is nice to stay. I start in 4 chan a lot of time ago with being an anon and no 3ds games at all.
But hey, here no one is going to miss me, even the mods aren't here to stop "shitposting" and posts against the rules. So, why am i here? To see salty people all day? To call me everyday a bitch or a baby?
This is my last, i don't want to read anything or the answers to this. Nothing. This a properly goodbye for me.. because i'm here from so long..
Bye to all. It was nice some time ago.

Pokémon must need a better community here, but is all ruined.
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attack of the (embed)s edition
>What is a Nuzlocke?
Nuzlockes have three rules - 1) First encounter in an area is your only capture, faint or don't like it? tough shit 2) If a Pokémon faints, it's permaboxed or released. 3) Nickname every Pokémon. Other rules can be added - most people, for instance, play with a dupes clause to prevent having a team of five Zigzagoon. More info on additional rules and variants below.

>Is [insert thing here] acceptable?
You can do whatever you want. As long as it follows the three rules, it's a Nuzlocke. Feel free to add additional challenge if you want. It's your game.

>Is [game/romhack] hard?
Probably. There's a ranking list of mainline games below. Most romhacks will be as hard or (likely) harder than that, some are borderline impossible.

>Nuzlocke info
>Nuzlocke generator
>Links to official games
>Romhack links
>Emulator info
>Difficulty list
>Pokémon Nuzlocke images
>Pokémon Bank sprites
>Additional templates
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The end of Leaks

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Pretty sure if they’re just now hiring for UI design.... 2020? At least not until 2019.

Pic semiunrelated.
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Do Trainers ever spank their Pokémon?
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7/8 male
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Stop believing JynxClub bullshit.
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Why are fairies immune to dragons?

Why are fairies weak to steel?
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Is there any difference between these models

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Left is citra, right is apparently the switch game model
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