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What's your favorite Z-move vp? Personally I like Z-bounce on Gyarados.
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Confess thy Pokesins /vp/
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what do you think of this pairimg vp?

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canon or not?
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tfw we have to stuck of the shitfest that is alola til 2019

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GEN 8 you cant come sooner
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ITT: post a pokemon without actually posting it

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Pic related
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Find a flaw.
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A /vp/'s general consensus of breast sizes

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Having nothing to do in life, this has been bother me for quite sometime. The question of: Where would each female protagonist lay on a scale of breast sizes?

There's pretty good fanmade scales, such as the one above. However there's some problems, other than the fact that it's missing two characters. May/Haruka is completely out of the blue.

If we're comparing protagonists, it has to be consistent. With Hilda and Moon not given any screen time, it would only make sense we base it off the games. As animation has shown to be inconsistent with characters (May's bust size from Hoenn to Sinnoh shrinks).

And on top of that, we have to use both May's models, from ORAS and RSE because unlike the remakes over writing each other, the May of the non-mega universe still exists.

Here's my proposed list of characters by bust size (Low to High):

1) Moon
>Confirmed 11 Years old, with player customization I've never seen any sign of breast development. Official Art shows her with a loose top, making it difficult to compare.

>No confirmed age, official art shows slight development.

>Confirmed age 18 at the time of BW2. Unfortunately, no new official art, probably no development between the years. Shows clear development.

>No confirmed age, official art shows are more developed bust than Hilda with her overalls we can see it protrude from her chest to the side, becoming round. There's room to argue that Hilda can be bigger.

It's been difficult to compare all the rest this far. Would love to help so I can sleep at night.
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Trainer customization thread:

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Post them and rate them
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Pokemen Thread

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more men
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