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post a reaction image of your favorite pokemon
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Do you get emotionally attached to your Pokémon?
If so, why?
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Your personal favorite Big 3, /vp/?
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>Gen 1-no gimmick
>Gen 2-no gimmick
>Gen 3-no gimmick
>Gen 4-no gimmick
>Gen 5-no gimmick
>Gen 6-mega evolution
>Gen 7-z moves
>Gen 8-dynamax
After 7 years of gimmicks I really wish we could just have normal pokemon battles again.
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/pgg/ - Pokémon Go General

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What's a pokemon you like that is absolute trash competitively?
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What would be the best way to go about getting a shiny starter in Pokemon Emerald with a dead internal battery?

Also, what kind of mother makes her kid sit in the back of the moving truck?
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/PTCGO/: Pokémon TCG Online General

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Fighting Gold edition

New/Returning Player?
> (getting started)
> (deckbuilding guide)

>Public trade is like the GTS, if you want proper results, put up your own offers.
>Don't open tradables packs unless it's from giveaways (and POST PULLS)

What theme deck should I buy?
>Groudon/Kyogre for winrates, Necrozma for staples. Dragonite and Rillaboom are good too.

> (meta decklists)
> (budget deck pastebin)
> (trading tips pastebin)
> (card values)
> (live card values)
> (price guide)

Previous thread: >>45411070
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Can any protagonist from Pokemon universe beat this team?
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