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Comfy thread?
Comfy thread.
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Every generation seems to have a marquee starter that is supposed to be hip, cool, and make all of the kids want to use it

> Kanto

> Johto

> Hoenn

> Sinnoh

> Unova

> Kalos
Who the fuck is it supposed to be for Alola? We can rule out Primarina because no one likes it and Ash isn't going to use it in the animu.
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Misty Mondays

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Post Mistys.
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Why is she so amazing?
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Mario + Rabbids was just leaked which was part of emily roger's leaks, leaks which also teased pokemon stars
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What's her name, /vp/?
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Sprites or models

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What do you prefer, sprites or models?
For me, sprites are way better. The 3ds hardware is shit, and so the models look like shit too.
Plus, the models look bland.
Look at the picture, the sprites make Nidoqueen seem intimidating, while the model is meh.
Do you think that if we ever get a game on the switch, the models will be better?
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Fakémon Thread

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Only post mediocre or worse Fakémons.
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The next main games

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Let's not argue about when they will come out.
We know they will eventually be released, so what do you think they will be?
Third version? Remakes? Maybe even sequels?
And on what platform because some people think the next game(s) will be on 3ds for some reason.
I personnaly think third version on switch.
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Hey /vp/,
Do you still have your Original GB/GBC with RB or Y?
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