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Pokemon go

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Yay level 10 and up can now add friends
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What happened to this thing?
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Give non-Pokémon a typing

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I'll start
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Name ONE (one) thing Nu-Pokemon does better than old Pokemon.
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Dragon Image Thread

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You know the drill.
Post dragon Pokemon.
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/Shuffle/ General - Dawn of the Last Month Edition

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Last Thread: >>35803894

Now that the events are automated up to 24 weeks, just refer to the following link for current events:

This Week: Week 19
Next Week: Week 20

Chinese Wiki:宝可消消乐 (If blocked access remove the "www.")

Compilation of useful links:

Archive for previous /Shuffle/ threads (Ignore the fake ones from the porn raid):

Guide to clear and S-Rank stages (Only up to Stage 500):

Up-to-date list of Skills:

In-depth breakdown on things related to AP and EXP (Will overwhelm those who don't like statistics)!1272592&ithint=file%2cxlsx&app=Excel&authkey=!AF7v8FrF3NJLFJY

For any one who are playing >Mobile and looking for Friends, state your Region since Friend Codes are Region specific

>TotT: Are you making any kind of preparations to receive the "end"? (Grinding, catching, S-ranking, etc.), also do you still use full hearts daily or reverted to a more casual playstyle over time?
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Hey /vp/, what makes for a bad Pokemon parody in your opinion?
>Also post some really bad ones if you'd like
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/shw/ - Shiny hunting weekend

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It's that time of the week again!
>What are you hunting?
>Which game?
>Last shone?
>Do you know anyone irl that Shiny hunts?
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Thoughts on Gale of Darkness?
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Pokemon 2019 realistic wish list

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Name things game freak could do in the next pokemon game that would be the biggest improvement for the least effort, if applicable explain how they could do it.

For me its realistic sized pokemon in battle. It wouldn't be all that hard, just make the battlefields large enough that they can contain the largest pokemon options, then have the pokemon stand at varying distances from eachother depending on their size. This would be more complicated for double and triple battles but still doable. Pokemon could even be split into size categories such as tiny, small, medium, large, and colossal, so for example pokemon like wailord and groudon would be about the same size. I think thats a fair trade off.
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