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What's your headcanon that connects Silvally to Arceus?

Protagonist Dawn

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inteleon is a well designed pokemon
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Hey, at least I'm working outside
not in some cunting cubicle waiting to expire
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Astral Type

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>removes Cosmic's flaw of being named after a location
>can include terrestrial pokemon that utilize the power of the stars
>incorporates a consistent style of attack (weaponized light and stellar energy)
>could also cover nuclear/radiation themes if they never sent Poison down that route
>would give Heliolisk a more logical type
Cosmic type, but fixed. Would it be a good type, or too similar to Psychic?
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Post potential alternate realities that never happened.

>heliolisk was a gen v pokemon found in the unovan desert and was on elesa's team
>a speedy electric/fire type, with access to flamethrower, solar beam and solar power on one side, and surf, thunder and dry skin on the other, it reigned supreme during the gen v weather wars

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>Tyrogue used protect
>Tyrogue held onto focus band
>Tyrogue used protect
>Tyrogue held onto focus band
>Tyrogue used protect
>Tyrogue used protect
>Tyrogue held onto focus band
>Tyrogue protect
>Tyrogue held onto focus band

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I like Sabrina.

Let's post cool things relating to Sabrina.
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