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If you like Torterra, you're a communist pedophile barafag
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/ef/ Eevee Friday: It's Friday somewhere edition

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This is what the world needed.
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This is my Gengar. I have him since 1999.
I literally just noticed whats between his legs.
He is a she now i guess. Help me find a nickname, /vp/
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I'm new to Pokemon, but I've been reading as much as I can about it ever since I got Sun. I got a female, calm Popplio as a starter. Is this acceptable, or should I reset until I get a female, modest?
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Nudes when?
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Why isn't Pokephilia legalized
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Wow, what a FREAK. Looked like a talking penis.
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pokemon journey

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I finally got off my ass and made one for this gen. So, who's on your team, bros?
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medicham is thicc
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