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ITT: Gen 4+ Pokémon that would be better without the physical/special split.
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(strawpoll) what do you like?

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Yo /vp/.
I'm a (novice) gamedev and an experienced artist, currently making prototypes in my spare time. Something in the back of my mind recently has been my disappointment with pokemon never really turning into something more than what it started as, despite how nice the world and designs are.

I also have been looking over all the pokemon ripoffs and thinking about why they have been failures, and how to avoid that if I was to make a game that takes the aspects I enjoy about pokemon and implements them into something that isnt a button masher.

But what about you? What aspect of pokemon do you find important? I made a strawpoll for you to vote in.

Hilda is flat!

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Features that you Want to see getting implemented?
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This is my pinkish doggy

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Say something nice about her lads
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Cute boyfriends!
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Defend this corridorfags
>run in a straight line
>get interrupted by friendly and upbeat rival
>get interrupted by old fucking professor
>get interrupted by old fucking professor's aide
>get interrupted by old fucking professor's aide's childhood friend
>get interrupted by tutorial guy for pokemon center and mart
>get interrupted by champion
>listen to tutorial on how to catch a pokemon
>listen to brief lecture as to how menus and buttons work (in case you don't know, gotta target the younger audience)
>catch a pokemon
>get into battle with friendly and upbeat rival
>listen to friendly and upbeat rival's really interesting backstory, his ambitions and his goals and dreams
>go to route 1
>it's a straight line
>visit new town
>gym leader bends over and lets you extract his badge from his asshole for free

>but muh route 119
That was over 10 years ago, fag. 3d route design is garbage.
>muh empty plains
I rather have empty plains over empty hallways like SWSH.
>muh towns
Who cares about 3 identical houses in a row? Poketowns barely have content like sidequests. You are just pressing A to read a NPCs quirky text or go to the gym for a shitty boss battle. Why would you want a watered-down animal crossing.

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Was it kino?
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How would you execute this for Gen 9?

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>Grass ___
>Fire ___
>Water ___

Extra Typing (if applicable)
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IQ of 5000, battleslave

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Why does Alakazam do this?
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