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Reaction Images

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Let's do this.
Post a reaction image of a pokemon and we'll try to fill the grid. Starting with Gen 1.

There is one rule: Any reaction image must have been posted at least 3 times before not including posts in this thread. I'll be checking the archive.
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Early morning comfy thread. Post comfy.
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Why are lizards so lewd
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Is there anyone else that actually excited about Ultra sun and moon

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I understand everyone has right to give critism to Pokemon

But I'm wondering if it's a loud minority and majority looking forward to the games
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Theory on Kommo-O's Z-Move

Pic unrelated

this will be one of many moves that'll boost stats after it attacks. Kommo-o is a totem, remember that...and, it gets the same boost it does in the Trial.

So, we might get over powered Z-Moves

>Lurantium-Z sharply raises speeds
>Mimikium-Z raises all stats
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/nzg/ Nuzlocke General

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USUM Predictions/Expectations Thread

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Alright, /vp/. List down the things you think we need to expect from USUM and what you wanna see in the upcoming games.

* I think we'll get more exclusive Z-Moves that will also have secondary effects like Clangorous (sp?) Soulblaze.

* I'm expecting new forms and hopefully, new Ultra Beasts.

* Also, what's with the black Z-ring?
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You have to make a competitive team using only Ash's fully evolved shitmons.
Who do you pick?
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Kommo-o could be good

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And it wouldn't take much. The new Z-move, while cool, is only the start. Let's play with it a bit and get a pseudo that is able to stand toe-to-toe with things like Tyranitar and Salamence.

HP 75 - 93
Atk 110 - 70
Def 125 - 117
Sp. Atk 100 - 115
Sp. Def 105
Spd 85 - 95

This mixed attacker shit never works. Kommo-o is now a dedicated special attacker with slightly less bulk (but better HP) and better than average speed. Clanging Scales (and Clangorous Soulblaze, of course) is now worth a move slot. In addition, it loses Dragon Claw at 43, gaining Vacuum Wave, Dragon Dance at 59, gaining Nasty Plot, Outrage at 67, gaining Aura Sphere, and finally Draco Meteor from the tutor. Thoughts?
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