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Cute shit thread, I feel like shit.
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Hey guys, I'm new to pokemon and I'm trying to make a team with my favorite pokemon. The problem is, I don't know a lot of strategies. Could you guys suggest some fun strategies to do with my pokemon/team? I'm using a website that lets me control whatever pretty much instantly, so I'll be able to do anything you suggest.

My team is:
Braixen, Glaceon, Sylveon, Raichu, Graveler, and Lucario. I'm currently using a mega evolution on Lucario, and a Z move stone on Braixen.

Thanks guys!
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Pikachu won vp's most hated mon, Incineroar was 2nd, Phione was 3rd

how does this make you feel
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Shiny Hunting/Advice

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After multiple, several hundred long chains for other wild non using dexnav I started going for the starters in oras. After 42 SRS I got to say hello to this beauty. Still in shock. For comparison my shroomish hunt is at 500 encounters, my swablu hunt is at 473, my absolute hunt is 210, my meditite hunt is at 150.

Anyone else get some great luck in their hunts lately?

Also giving advice for shiny hunting in ORAS if anyone is interested. It's relatively easy and most accessible to anyone looking to start shiny hunting with a lot of great mons to find as well. Once you succeed at one the thirst grows exponentially.
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LEAST favorite of each type

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Rate,and ridicule others for their shit taste and for disliking your favorites.
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Answer me, oh Defense Force. Why should I buy this game if it doesn't meet mine or someone else's standards? Why should I get Home? Or Sleep? Or any of the countless spin-off games they're trying to sell me- if I disagree with their business philosophy going forward?

All I wanted was a compromise. Some great big announcement that made it all better. Made it worth my time. But the more I looked back over the years, the more I realized that the removal of features actually became Pokémon's overall biggest feature. They get rid of interesting concepts immediately instead of expanding on them further. They do it in the name of trying to preserve those game's integrity, but at the same time, I just feel cheated. It's not fair to me as a paying customer that if I wanted to try out the Pokéthlon, for instance, I can only play Heart Gold and Soul Silver, because those are the only games in the series that offered it.

Why aren't they trying to go bigger? Their latest endeavors have been short, simplistic, and have very little to do endgame-wise. Why aren't they trying to make "the mother of all Pokémon games" and instead are giving us yet another Sun and Moon, or X and Y? Their marketing strategy hasn't implied otherwise, or else they'd be showing off a hell of a lot more than they have. Think about how long it's been since they made that announcement, and how little they'e revealed in the meantime. It's appalling.

I am a paying customer, damn it. I can take my business elsewhere. The Switch has so many better options, and when it boils down to it, this is the decision that got me to stop playing their new games entirely. They are not 'entitled' to my money. So please, tell me, why should I buy this game? Seriously, give me a damn good reason.

tldr; Succ my Sword and Shields, I'm not buying it.
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Find a flaw.
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Sword and Shield leak

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Hey guys!
This is some info on sword and shield that I came across. I did not plan on leaking and I know it’s not a whole lot but iťs something.

- New direct on August 31st (not all of this will be in it)
- New galarian evolutions for farfetch’d, ariados, darmanitan, donphan, girafarig, kingler and bibarel
- New galarian forms for arbok, meowth, persian, spinarak, ariados, darumaka, darmanitan, phanpy, donphan, krabby, kingler, bidoof, bibarel, farfech’d, girafarig, spiritomb and dugtrio
- New gigantamax forms for charizard, blastoise, venusaur, duraludon, hydreigon, tyranitar, volcarona, aerodactyl, kommo-o and goodra
- About the story just that Oleanna is the mother of Sonia and daughter of Magnolia. Also that there is a character named Raihan rivaling with Leon as well as Sonia.
- In terms of new pokémon I just remember a Horse-like pokémon. I think it was steel but not really sure. It has a one stage evolution line.

And that pretty much wraps it up.
See ya!
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Pokemon are naturally polyamorous so there's nothing wrong with having sex with all six members of your team at once.
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Omg i like Gigantamax now

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