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Rate my daughter.
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I hope that in Gen 8, we have the option to skip the pokeball tutorial
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150 Days

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>tfw only 150 more days until her cameo in USUM
Who else is hyped?
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What was the best pokeclone you played back in the day?

Pic related. Still holds up to this day.
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/vp/'s rival challenge

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Hello /vp/, today I want to propose you something different.

We're all playing pokémon games, different games, different gens, different reasons to do so.
What I liked most during my childhood/teenage and ever so lightly now on my young adult age, is comparing progress with friends, checking up our teams battling gym after gym.
I could do it so often back in the days, when everybody was bonkers on pokémon, now I only have a few friends who're still into the series like me, and usually they only play for the first month of a new game hype season.

What I'm proposing is, for whoever of you who wants to fulfill the dream of adventuring together, of a periodic challenge that's not the super easy gym battles, to exchange our friend codes and start playing together some games, cheking progress every now and then, battling when we're on the same page.
Scheduling is not mandatory cause of timezones, busy days, timing of availability, and people who still play with exp share on vs people who don't.

I hope you'll like my idea so this can become a trend, maybe a new "general" kind of thread if it becomes popular.
As for me: I'm about to begin a new run of ORAS, exp share off, somebody wants to join or is playing it atm?
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Pokespe XY side chapters 1-7

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Continued from >>32849386
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We're stuck with these animations forever
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Reaction image thread

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Let's expand our reaction image folders
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I think gen 8 will be focused on older fans than kids

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Because switch ads showed teenagers and adults playing system.

It's 299 hard for kids to afford

Even if a price drop happens for switch the games cost.

59.99 Americans and 79.99 Canadian compared to 39.99 and 49.99 for 3ds games

Paid online

I'm not sure how they can make kiddish like sun and moon. And succeed so much is going against for kids.

That's why I think gen 8 will be for older people not crazy violence or anything just more difficult or more nostalgia pandering
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