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Let's have another of these threads because they're always fun and cozy.

Pokemon is real. You're a trainer. What Pokemon do you own?

>You can only have a starter if you come from a Upper Middle+ class family who could afford one
>You can only own Pokemon who are likely to live around your area (unless you caught one on a holiday you've been to)
>You probably wouldn't own 6 Pokemon, especially if you work full time. 2-4 is more realistic

I'll start.

My family weren't super well off but I know my parents always overspent on me to make me happy so I would probably have a starter. And I was obsessed with monkeys as a kid so I'd have gotten a Chimchar who I'd have evolved fully to Infernape by now.

My area of Australia is known for it's giant bats so I'd like to think I'd have a Noivern.

And my dad was an electrician so he might have been able to get me an Electabuzz, who I couldn't afford to evolve.
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/pmdg/ Pokémon Mystery Dungeon General

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Previous thread: >>37591897

Blue Rescue Team, Explorers of Sky, Adventure Squad (Wiiware, Japanese only), a DS emulator and custom portraits for EoS!gFlVkSLI!tXbyoO5rwfUYnb9jf7yVsQ

Super and Gates to Infinity
Check >>>/vg/hbg/ to learn how to install 3DS games

EoS/RT Music!735VSSpb!ny8QU4SHB1_OlNkH_Hu3eg

Anime and manga adaptations

Helpful guides
Super codes

If you need a rescue, post your region.
You don't need an internet connection. That's the whole point of passwords and QR codes

Could a gen 7 PMD get announced next direct / at E3 ?
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Congrats, the Pokemon League has given you the position of a Gym Leader!
The... first Gym Leader.

You're permitted to use of team of 2-6 Pokemon.
to select a team.
>Gym Puzzle if you want
>Team movesets if you want

I'll add the other shit to these fags later

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On a scale of 1-10, How happy are you to see her, lads?
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>Pokemon King and Queen
>King is green, Queen is pink.
>Pokemon are more in an emulated style of Gen 1 (Like Meltan), but it is still their own unique style.
>More unique Pokemon instead of just animals.
>Pseudo-legendary is a dog dragon hybrid. Looks like a husky with a dragon body.
>caterpillar cat hybrid.
>unique NPC you meet that is a huwho man, who at night transforms into a werebat Pokemon. Another one who transforms into a werecat. They are version exclusives- bat to King, and cat to Queen.
>ghost lion Pokemon.
>sock puppet snake, who evolves to a sock puppet snake that has cotton sticking out of its mouth (cottonmouth).
>starters are all reptillian and amphibian, similar to Gen 1. Water newt, fire snake, and grass crocodile.
>Pikaclone is an Electric-Ground mole.
>new dragon type Eeveelution.
>Pokemon that is the new biggest Pokemon, a titanic rodent creature, but is really cute.
>parasitic alien Pokemon that are manmade (supposedly by aliens), and are made to kill organic life. There is an abandoned science lab in the region that is infested with them, and it is hinted that the Pokemon destroyed the lab.
>giant tarantula Pokemon.
>legendaries are a wolf and a wyvern.
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>Visit Kanto!
>Visit Johto!
>Visit Hoenn!
Oh god, they WILL make the infamous "all regions" game. It will be a fucking disaster, the death of the franchise.
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Pic related is the best cover legendary
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This is a god damn Nincada thread

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Ninjask and Shedinja are also welcome.
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Gentlemen, how do we protect female trainers from the Hypno menace?
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