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Time for a Mallow thread!
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ITT: post NU shitmons.

pic obviously related.
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>tfw everyone wants to fuck your bromon
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post completely normal images
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Anyone have the pics that an anon posted here in the last days of Noivern and others Pokémon of the newest generations with gen 1 design?
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Today is my birthday
Post lucarios
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Pokemon Fanfiction General and Writethread

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/vpwt/: Loafing writefags edition

>Post your finds and ideas for prompts.
>Share your work and request critique.
>Discuss the struggle as a reader or writer.
IRC channel at [ #vpwritethread on ].

Previous: >>32472842

Fic catalogue:

Authors and anons looking for things to write may search our ideabin for something appealing.
Feel free to add prompts that you'd like others to consider.

>How do I post fics?
Link to Pastebin, FFN, AO3, or G-Docs, etc. Don't write stories to the thread itself.

>NSFW fics?
Indicate "NSFW" beside the link.

>May I add my fic to the catalogue?
You're free to do so. Please use the submission form found inside the catalog.

>What's with the tripfags?
Authors are encouraged to use a name/trip while posting or discussing their work for clarity's sake.

TotT: There's a time and place for everything. What setting/genre do you prefer reading/writing about?
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What's her problem?
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