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what the FUCK was her problem?
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Is this Ash's worst Pokemon ever?
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post cursed images
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It hurts bros. Ambition and grandeur died when the series was still in its infancy.
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This cutie will be our heroine in the anime for the next couple of years.
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ITT: Good things about Kalos

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1. Hex Maniac & her Moo Moo Milk
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Also /fossilmon/ thread

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Looking for awesome Fossil pokémon images who look likes reconstruction of real life animals.
Is a work for a college about peleocology, i was doing for fun but found a lot of funny pokémon pictures.

Anyone can help posting? is better if we have more than two and they need to be alive at the same geological time.

Also /fossilmon/ thread

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Why did they waste this 11/10 design on such a shit character?
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>2 months of complete dryness
Way to kill the hype.
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