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ITT: Images you have no use for
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Last three digits of your post is the mon you have to draw.

Example seen here.
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It's over bros, Sword and Shield are going to be a great games and we can't make it worse by complaining about it. No amount of complaining will convince Musada to make it a worse game to help us sink TPCi.

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>Trainer used a Full Restore!
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>The Pokemon in Gen8 look worse than in LGPE and Citra
fucking defend this, I dare you, I double dare you, motherfuckers.
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What would be the roster for a sequel to Pokken Tournament?
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Is Nessa an Alt-Right Symbol

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Dude I just want to fap
Why does this keep happening?
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ITT: one episode anime cuties
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ATTN: /vp/, please take some time to read this

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Why do people here hate on Serena? I never understood all the hate that she got, she's cute for crying out loud and top tier if I do say so myself. What's not to like about that?
>But she has no personality!
>muh Ash
>muh XY
>muh megas
>But the serenafags are all so annoying
Listen /vp/, imma fill you all in on a little secret, its inevitable that a fanbase whether it be Pokégirls or some other franchise will always get its obnoxious fags, always. Its in every fanbase and serena's fanbase isn't any different. But you shouldn't let the annoying side of her fanbase stand in the way between you and a potentinal waifu.
Her design is all that matters, not her personality. You wouldn't give 2000 freshly lynched niggers about May or Dawn or Shauna's personality, who gives a shit about that, most likely they will never make a comeback in the anime again. You have to be a bland person to actually care about personality, they aren't real. You like them for their design. Serena has one of the best protag designs so why hate on her? She is just as good as any other Pokégirl but anons here seem to have unjustified biased/unwarranted hate against Serena, as for the Serena community, I will say repeat myself: every Pokégirl has fans and its inevitable that the annoying kinds will slip in but you should not let that sway the pendulum away letting these little irrelevant things get in the way of realizing Serena is just as good as any other Pokégirl. Ignore her story in the game/anime (throw those out the window) and just focus on the looks. Forget about ash, forget about megas, forget about her beimg in XY, forget about the opinions of her here whether good or bad. Concentrate on the looks, concentrate, long and hard /vp/. It doesn't get much easier to explain than this.
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