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>called Tifa Lockhart
> from Nibelheim
> big tits
but looks Asian. Why?
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/pgg/ - Pokémon GO General

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Post the last pokemon related image you saved
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Find a flaw.
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Will Action Replay/Powersave pokemon upload to the Pokebank?

I'm not trying to shit up GTS, I'm just really fucking tired of being at the mercy of Game Freak's mythical event only-in-japan bullshit releases and I want an Arceus among other IMPOSSIBLE to get mythics
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i have been thinking of watching the first three movies again. not watched them since i was a child and want a "adults" prescriptive of them. do you guys still think they hold up by today's standard? also, what other movies past the first three are worth watching?
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/cat/ Caturday #24

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Give me your cats, and I'll give you mine. Let's all enjoy Pokecats together.
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>Gen 5: Weather Wars
>Gen 6: Mega Wars
>Gen 7: Tapu Wars
What horrible, meta-stagnating nonsense will gen 8 bring?
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Azumarill Appreciation Thread

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Post Comfy Azus, Angry Azus, happy Azus.
No lewd, stop that.
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