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did it?

google "ANIMAL fakemon" and post your favorite one
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post gijinkas
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I love how autists hate him because he's the most popular SM starter
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Why does GameFreak have such a hard-on for blonde girls?
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Decidueye thread

Let's make this a successful one
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A friend told me to make a thread involving this picture so I do

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forgive me
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Oh no! Arceus-Fug is attacking the Pokemon world.

His stats are 255 across the board, his ability is Protean+Adaptability, his item is Expert Belt, and his moveset is Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Thousand Arrows, and Recover.

What Pokemon team can possibly stop him?
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Anybody got a good set for this guy to use?

So far thinking

-Shore Up
-Earth Power
-Shadow Ball

Should counterAnybody else got any other suggestions?
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