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Which would you main, which would you occasionally use then box, and which would you release?
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So how does /vp/ feel about Pheromosa? Also Pheromosa thread
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Small Armed Dragons

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Warrior Wednesday

Old thread maxed image limit--a first for us >>32095322

Post your warrior and wrestlers and why you like them. Discuss strategies, rant insecurities, boast achievements, etc.
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The only good companions
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Pokegirl Thread

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Im sad, can we have a pokegirl thread? dumping what i have.
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Why do they call this a "tranny seal"? I played through the entire game with this absolute bro and his gender didn't change even once. Did it change gender when other people had it?
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Australia Region Ideas

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Every time the possibility of an Australia based region comes up, people say that there's not much that can be done with it, but how about this.

we have a few unique species including indigetention that evolves into aborison
Of course we need legendaries, and here are some!There are three main mythical pokemon - boozee and gasniff who must be brought to summon the third - curvstick
The evil team of course is trying to collect enough centrelink to summon boozee and gasniff to summon curvstick which they'll try to use to become powerful but it'll ultimately turn out to be completely useless as it's the 21th century
You'll defeat them and but they'll follow you around and yell at you until you apologise
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>Wonder trading 5-IV right nature / hidden ability breeding rejects
>Get invited to link trade by someone who sent me a random wild-caught wingull
Sure. I'll help a kid..
>I show more breeding rejects.
>They show level 100 mythics and legends, mostly shiny.
>send phrase "I would like to see other pokemon".
>They show various level 100 pseudo-legends and OU tier pokemon, again, mostly shiny.
>Clearly wants shiny mythincs, legends, and pseudo-legends..

Why do people do this? If you get wonder-traded something from a breeder, you are probably going to see more breeder pokemon. Have some rare or uncommon stuff as trade fodder, don't just expect event pokemon from randos.

Wonder trade general? i'm currently launching Cursed body / Water absorb Frillish, Scrappy panchams pure power meditites, unburden hawluchas, lef guard roselia, and hustle nidos off into the void.,
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Can we have a giratina thread?

palkia and dialga not welcome
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