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Why does /padt/ still exist?

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There is no point whatsoever for it to exist nowadays. It brings nothing but negative, waifuwars, subwars. Fags call everyone there a shitposter for completely bullshit reasons.
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Why was this allowed?
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Tips to kill this thing?
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>USUM will be the last pokemon titles on the 3Ds
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Can anybody trade for one of these little bastards since there is no gamestop in my area? I have most legendaries and a few shinys, as well as enough bp to trade any purchasable held item you want. I don't want to miss out on a full dex when new games come out.
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New pokemon forms

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Whatcha playin, /vp/?

I'm doing a blind nuzlocke run of Theta Emerald Ex

Just about to fight Roxanne, Wally has proven to be pretty damn useful. No deaths yet, but almost lost Wally in a gym fight and Dope to a Growlithe of all things.
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How would Venusaur be recieved if it debuted as a new Pokémon now instead of in RBY? Would it finally be able to break from the shadows of other starters or would it be less popular than back in the 90s?
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>GOLEM fainted!
How the fuck am I supposed to beat this thing?