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Trainer Card Thread

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Other version:
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>Black/White protagonist leaves to find N
>N shows up in the sequel but they don't
I guess they didn't do a good job.
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ITT: You get to live in Ryme City who's your partner?

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You get to move to Ryme City and choose almost any pokemon as your partner.

Here's the rules:
1. No extremely large pokemon (ex: Wailord)
2. No legendaries
3. Must be able to help you out in your job, studies or life

Concept Art of Pokemon:Detective Pikachu

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The art book is releasing Today,we should expects concept art to drop next days and weeks so let's have a thread discussing this by a design standpoint because I love it. I love seeing concept art and how films initialy looked in the idea and comparing it to the final product. Let's make it comfy :)
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Comfy thread

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Chill out and share art, music, and such
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Why you can't crossdress in Pokemon games?
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Red & Green

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Red & Green
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Ideal Pokemon anime

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If you were to make a Pokemon anime, what would it be about/like and what would the plot be?
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These games prove TPC is holding the series back intentionally to keep people locked in and keep their expectations low.
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