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Sword/Shield Rumor Mill Group

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So does this group really have any intel, or they just shitting people for followers. I mean they don‘t even make riddles or give hints, like Pixelpar did.

So this all bullshit?

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Sup /vp/. I'm playing through Pokemon Insurgence right now, and I'm a little bored of my current team (pic related). Recommend me your favorite Pokemon and I'll try to find them and put a team together.

I know the game is edgy. It's still fun.
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its real guys

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what do?
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Sword/Shield Pika Clone Leak

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> Gen 8 Pika Clone will be an grass/eletric Pokemon, obtainable in the dark forest from trailer
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Last game I played was Pearl. Anything I need to know before picking up Shield later this year about what I missed out on during the generations inbetween?
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>random encounters
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Debunking fake Gen 8 rumours

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Saw many “leaks“ these last days, from which 98% are bullshit and some lucky guesses

Now I won‘t spoil you guys, but I can at least point out the fake rumours, that shouldn‘t cause me any trouble, so you don‘t get your hopes up needlessly over rumours including these points:

> mean/snobby rival is fake
> two teams is fake
> any pokedex with 96+ new pokemon is fake
> free movable camera is fake
> battle tower is fake
> another „whole“ region for postgame is fake (like kalos)
> two champs is fake
> having any other family except mom is fake
> any sports game integration is fake
> regional forms are fake
> no new megas
> no aura or spirit kinda thing for pokemon
> anything with more than 2 eeveelution is fake
> pre rendered cut scenes are fake (for a good reason, maybe you can guess why)
> corgi pokemon is fake
> defensive/offensive fighting styles are fake (there is nothing like that)
> no mythical dark or ghost trio
> Weather system is fake
> ice or ghost pika clone is fake
> all translation leaks I saw were fake, except for one
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Sprites > 3D models
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Tell me the best rom hack you have ever played

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i need something to play before sword and shield comes out, hard mode:no drayano hacks
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>Lando-T gets banned to ubers
What happens?
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