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Why is Gardevoir so popular ?

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I just think it is a basic pokemon I don't dislike but I don't like it either it's just average.

Are pokemon fans virgin as fuck and totally unfuckable ?
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Which side are you on /vp/ truth or ideals?
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Hatt thread? Hatt thread.

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Post potential alternate realities that never happened.

>heliolisk was a gen v pokemon found in the unovan desert and was on elesa's team
>a speedy electric/fire type, with access to flamethrower, solar beam and solar power on one side, and surf, thunder and dry skin on the other, it reigned supreme during the gen v weather wars

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Weavile is for snug and fug
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Pokemon that should be more popular?

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>badass rat dinosaur
>competitively viable
This should be one of the most iconic pokemon ever yet I only ever see autists on /vp/ and Smogon ever talk about it. Why did this thing not resonate with normies? I see garbage like Hypno and Pidgeot getting more love than Nidoking generally does
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I like Sabrina.

Let's post cool things relating to Sabrina.
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We will bring together the dragon of truth the dragon of ideals and the empty shell together to make the original dragon once more and seek true enlightment beyond human comprehension this is your BW3 game
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>best manga of this series is fanmade
How shitty do you have to be to let this happen?
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