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What does /v/ think of my take on the currently unreleased fire-type elephant from the one Sword and Shield trailer? I know the art's not the best but how's my concept?
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Why are you always so angry about all things Pokemon?

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Not a Waifu dude but this is the only Pokemon I find ‘attractive’ per se.
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So Hilda being a midget means that Hilbert is a manlet?
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>cute puppeh box legends

Yup, I'm buyin' it

Pojo magazine in 2003 shipping May and Drew

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Why did they promote this ship so much?
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where do you find Biteki in Clover I want one badly

Fix a Shitmon

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Pick your favorite shitmon from here. Make it good, or at the very least, better. I'll start.
>hard-coded immunity to Ground-types
>give it Strength Sap (like how Calyptra moths suck blood), Acid Spray, and Toxic Spikes
>10 points to Defense
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Rosa thread

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Post images of the best PokeGirl
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>"have fun spending your money on a mobile gacha game, retard... haha..."
>spends $60 on unfinished garbage
swoshi shills are the worst