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lillie is a fucking traitor
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The Pokemon I never see anyone talk about
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Serena Sunday

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You know the drill.

Post qts.
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Post cute bugs.
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Tapu Lele Thread

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>This guardian deity of Akala is guilelessly cruel.

What the actual fuck is its problem?
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/gad/ - Gorilla Arm Dragons

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Proud Warrior Edition

>What is /gad/ ?
gorilla arm dragons
>does this thread even have a point
yes, gorilla arm dragons
>this thread is stupid
gad are not stupid

>Thread topic:
Which /gad/ would you go on a date with
hard mode: not kyurem-b

>Thread challenge:
Draw your favorite /gad/ in paint

>current gad record holder
17 days and 17 hours

>previous thread
non recorded

And remember, as always, dragon energy and gorilla strength will come to you, but only if you wonder what the point of this thread is.
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Gauging interest on an idea I had

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I was setting up a randomizer for sun to see if that could make it more fun (it didn't) and I noticed the evolution editor in pk3ds. Looking around I noticed thanks to Eevee, every Pokemon had 8 different evolution methods to work with.

That got me thinking, What if Pokemon evolved more like digimon?

So each Pokemon would have its normal evolutions, but then with other items or methods, they could evolve into an entirely different Pokemon.

Like Pichu evolves into Pikachu via happiness, but then could also evolve into Dedenne if it knows a fairy type move and reaches 50 affection.

Would anyone want to play that? I wouldn't balance movepools or anything like that, and Pokemon obviously keep their current moves after evolving, so you could end up with some hilarious Pokemon.
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About to wreck the Hoenn League.

Press F to pay respects.
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Tell me about this semen demon.
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