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So what about Erika do we know is consistent through the canon? I don't recall her having a gym of only female trainers construed to she was sexist against males in the games, but because of her outfit is she still heavily into Japanese traditionalism?
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What is the most obscure Pokémon of each generation?

I'll start with an easy one.
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oh shit

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Claim your favorite Pokemon before someone else does. It only counts if you post a picture.

I'll take Ampharos
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Hey what's the original comic this is from? It's been driving me crazy and I just can't think of the right thinks to search for it.

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>Ryan Reynolds
>Not Bennedict Cumberbatch
>Not David Tenant
>Not Will Ferell
>Not fucking Danny Devitofor the memes
Hard pass for me on this one.
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Can we have one of these? Template next post.
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Can you turn off shared exp?
Can you cancel evolutions by pressing B?
Is running set as default or do you use a button for it?
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