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Jesus Christ, I'm trying to enjoy this game but even Rotom can't pretend he's having fun. Why the fuck does he keep making that face? He's gonna make me want to kill myself if he keeps on doing this.
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The Unused Typing Game

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Pic related has all the info you need: include anything you'd like, from stats and abilities to the animals/objects/ideas you'd base the Pokémon on and how they'd function in-universe.

if i fucked up the image, lemme know, this was only 100 hours in paint
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friendly reminder that the pokemon adventures manga is better than the anime
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Casual/comfy artwork thread

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Could we have a thread for art of trainers just hanging out and not battling? I'm tired of the usual stuff.
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I want a game where everybody has this old broad's shittastic Gen I AI.
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>still no goblin Pokemon
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What do you think he up too in the current timeline ?
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>Tfw everyone suddenly hates gen 5 now
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Reply to the previous poster with a weird pic of your favorite Pokemon from the following region. I'll start. Chansey.
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So Spike Chunsoft is announcing four new ones on March 23rd and apparently one of them is for the Switch.
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