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/psg/ - palette swap general

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we post pokemon palette swaps here
be it complete recolors, inversions, color swaps between 2+ pokemon, models, sprites, official art, we do it all.

if you dont know how to recolor on gimp/paint/photoshop and want to help contribute or practice, heres a tutorial for ms paint and gimp https://imgur.com/a/amAiH
requests make the backbone of the thread, so please make as many as you want with as many pokemon you want.

gen 1-6 sprites (website): http://www.pokestadium.com/tools/sprites
gen 7 sprites (download): https://www.dropbox.com/s/8drn9oj9snbk3b9/smnov1816.zip?dl=0

if youre looking to contribute but don't have any ideas, try generating one randomly with http://randompokemon.com/
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>Pokemon is too slow to work normally
>is also too fast for Trick Room
What's their name /vp/
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Let's get this out of the way. Since so many people still deny the first pair of Switch games will be gen 8, they will. This has nothing to do with patterns, nor what I want, but everything to do with maximizing profits.

Gamefreak and TPC have made it clear that they are nervous about the Switch's install base compared to handhelds, ontop of the greater development cost. They will need more than ever to maximize sales. What has been the biggest seller for Gamefreak? New gens of course.

The time for experimentation on launch games is not now. Gen 5 and 7, which were on the same handheld as the previous gen would've been the perfect time to do such things. However if Gamefreak wasn't willing to change things up then, why would they now when the stakes and expectations are higher?
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Moon Chan is Dank

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You are a character in the anime, giving only your team of Pokemon (3-6) other anons will describe what kind of character you will be.
You may also designate which pokemon is your signature. Don't pick overly powerful, autistic pokes, keep it realistic.

My team consists of:
>Litten (Hatchling - Not to be evolved)
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This include NZ? Anyone tried to get one?
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/Shuffle/ General: Spooky Memes Edition

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Last Thread: >>33802973

New Events for this week: (All events except Spooky Sableye, Alolan Marowak, and Safari are one week only)
>Daily Pokemon #1 (Coins)
>Ho-oh (2 Hearts, PSB)
>Bellossom (PSB)
>Kingdra (300 Coins, PSB)
>Shiny Gyarados Memechu (PSB)
>Spooky Sableye (PSB)
>Alolan Marowak
>Pokemon Safari #4 (Crobat and Spooky Pikachu, Exp. Boosters)

Old Events from last week:
>Volcanion EB (500 Stages)

What to Grind?
>#Current Year
>Grinding Power of 5+ for Ho-oh

Safari Rates:
>Crobat and Spooky Pikachu are the rare ones at 3.33%

Upcoming Events:
>We will find out next Tuesday when GS is ready to meme us :^)

Chinese Wiki:

Compilation of useful links:

Guide to clear and S-Rank stages (Only up to Stage 500):

Up-to-date list of Skills:

A really in-depth breakdown on things related to AP and EXP (Will overwhelm those who don't like statistics)

For any one who are playing >Mobile and looking for Friends, state your Region since Friend Codes are Region specific

I will figure out which horror movie scene to base on for Spooky Tree, any suggestions would be welcome

ToTT: Since Buzzwole is Fighting Type, should Pheromosa be Bug Type instead?
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>Postgame Story episode confirmed
>USUM is the "culmination" of the 3ds era
>Storylines hinted at from XY/ORAS currently unresovled, including the AZOTH project, Infinity Energy, Zygarde, etc.
>Leakers hinted that older evil team members are back, possibly supported by their emblems appearing in photo mode
>Text mentioning that Archie and Maxie were once on the same team
>Mentions projects from long ago that tried to return the world to it's beginning

We're getting an "Azoth Episode" or "Infinity Episode" that features evil teams and other characters from old returning that's going to deal with the currently unresolved plot lines from gen 6 and 7, could possibly be dedicated to the Light Creature/Necrozma form on both covers, have AZ appear and gift us his Floette, give some story relevance to the returning legendaries and really expand on the lore they've been setting up
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Fakemon Thread

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post your fakemons, rate other fakemons and suggest names, typing, stats, changes, ideas for other fakemons or anything
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Begging for Mega Stones Threads

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The Battle Tree can go fuck itself, and injecting's too tedious for me. I don't have anything good in return so if anyone is kind enough to give me Megastones, I'd really appreciate it!
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