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Size Thread

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Because I like me some cute tiny stuff!
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i read this comic and now i can't stop thinking about it and it's making me so sad what should i do

/vpedits/ - our queen in the making edition

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A thread for editing, and requesting edits of trainers and Pokemon, primarily focusing on official art.

Pastebin resources + other stuff:

Galleries of some edits:

Recommended program (more in pastebin):
Autodesk Sketchbook

can someone edit the hat and shorts out of the op pic?
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Who's ready to laugh at Bulbafags when the Red and Blue movie gets announced to not feature Venushit?
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Villain Thread

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Bi-weekly villain circlejerk. Happy saturday
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Record yourself saying “KANTOOOOOOOOOOOOO”
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Post your dream team
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Is this accurate, /vp/?
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Pokémon fixed

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>Water is now weak to Poison
>Bug resists and is super effective against Fairy
>Ice resists Ground. During a hailstorm, Ice also resists Water
>Steel is now weak to Electric (physics)

>Knock Off is nerfed. The move is annoying, and now Psychic Types can be semi-decent again
>Scald is nerfed hard, down to 50 base power. But it is super effective on Ice Types now
>Stealth Rock is nerfed, but not too hard. The details of how it gets nerfed aren't really important, but no Pokémon should lose 50% of its health just for switching in
>Ice Beam is nerfed to 70 base power. A new move, Freeze Ray, replaces it and has 90 base power. Unlike Ice Beam, Freeze Ray isn't commonly handed out to Water Types
>Fairy Types cannot be infatuated, Psychic Types cannot be confused, Fighting Types cannot flinch

did i do a good.
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Pokeboy general

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For posting images where cute boys are the main focus/one of the main focuses
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