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ITT: post /vp/ inside jokes

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>I still see a perfectly healthy Arcanine on the field of play.
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Does anyone else like Lucario despite all the degeneracy? It's been my bro since Gen 4.

Also Lucario thread I guess
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red and blue are meant to be gay or not?

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what do you think vp
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!RIPK8/5irc (33 replies)

Showderp: High Edition

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high! you have entered our den called showderp, where we challenge our homie to do 6 drugs and watch as he trips and bleeds out of his mouth on the Pokemon Showdown ladder.
If you overdose, you can call "new champ", where the fastest tripcode to claim the title will inherit it, but dare i say it, if you have it in you, you can call "New Team" to get moar drugs and trip till you eventually die.

> drug lab

> trip pictures

>Current Crackhead
it me

> last den
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ITT perfectly SFW images
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Phox Phriday

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Child bearing hips edition
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>switch already hacked
>tfw hackfags will be a plague from day 1 of gen 8

Its not fucking fair
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Do you have a good area for a pokemon starting town in your country/state

Sognefjord in Norway looks very good for a starting town
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Post naked Pokémon.
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