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Tell me the best rom hack you have ever played

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i need something to play before sword and shield comes out, hard mode:no drayano hacks
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>Lando-T gets banned to ubers
What happens?
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How would you restore her smile?
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Gen 9 Leaks

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> it will have new pokemon, no eeveelution, no fossil pokemon, two versions, new gimmick, old pokemon, new digimon, ash is evil team chief, officer clancy wiggum plays role in post game, there will be gyms, your father will have gone away since you were 3 and he told you he goes buying cigarettes, jessie&james are gym leaders, meowths have gone extinct, new region will be based on greenland, prof oak is your new stepdaddy who bullies you and says you never will become a pokemon master, your rival is a stalker
> a thread died for this

New Battle Facilities

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What are some cool new battle facilities for a possible Battle Frontier?

Make a Mega Thread

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>Type: Psychic
HP: 100
Attack: 100 -> 120 (+20)
Defense: 100 -> 120 (+20)
Sp. Atk: 100 -> 120 (+20)
Sp. Def: 100 -> 120 (+20)
Speed: 100 -> 120 (+20)
>Ability: Protean

Didn't even attempt to balance it for OU. Having Protean with access to every TM and tutor is just fun as hell.
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So what gimmicks do you think gf are gonna use for the future games?
>armour evolution
>fusing certain mons together
>trainer somehow joins battle as a 7th mon there's already some joke text about that last one in x and y.
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Characters reappearing in Gallar

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>it's probably an elegant looking region, just like most Kalos
>since it's based on the UK, it probably has quite a big cinematic references or artistic references that might involve her
>regions must be pretty close

>hard mode
No kanto
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Pokemon that are better/cooler/stronger/hotter then their final evolutions
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