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Venipede's Feed and Seed
(Formerly Shuckle's)
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Have you ever givin an inappropriate nickname to your Pokémon?

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Like, I remember I had black and nickname my Tepig “Fatass” and had a Garchomp called “Dickhead”.
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PokeMMO General /pmmog/ v 0.43 procreating edition

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Why aren't you playing yet? Its (hopefully) everything you wish Pokémon was!

>Download for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android

>Uses ROMs to dodge Nintendo's hammer

Why play?
>Competent AI adds challenge to your gameplay
>Levels are capped per badge to ensure battles are balanced, EXP isn't lost
>Follower Pokémon
>You can challenge other players to duels
>You can spectate other players' battles
>It's an MMO, shiny values are not damaged by external cheat devices, making some extremely rare and valuable.
>IVs and EVs add actual value to a Pokemon
>EVs/IVs are visible in a Pokemon's summary window
>Smogon Tier system, OU, UU, NU, LC, Dubs, Trips, Rot., 4 player Contests
>PvP automated matchmaking for quick and easy duels
>Ranked PvP ladder
>Breeding is important to creating a competitive team
>Competitive Pokemon are worth more money.
>Official PvP tourneys/catching comps with shiny prizes
>Holiday events with exclusive prizes
>Tons of user ran events
>Vanilla regions to relive childhood
>Kanto, Hoenn, Unova, and soon Sinnoh
>Freely switch between the three regions after your first 4th badge
>Battle Frontier can be played co-op
>4 player Contests (Gen 3 Contests)
>In-game Market and Global Trade System
>Pokédex contains useful information, such as learnsets and egg groups
>Fair degree of Player Customization, including attire based on other franchises
>'Ocarinas' that act as a reusable HM that doesn't need a Pokemon; Collect em all and cast aside your HM Slaves
>Gen 7 Learnsets/Stats/Abilities as long as they exist in Gen 5
>All Pokémon can learn their event moves from any gen if they have one
>Gen 6+ weather changes
>BW seasons, also changing every month in Kanto and Hoenn, not just Unova


Useful Links/Mods/Themes/Whatever

Want to find the English community?

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Why are you always so angry about all things Pokemon?

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Not a Waifu dude but this is the only Pokemon I find ‘attractive’ per se.
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So Hilda being a midget means that Hilbert is a manlet?
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>cute puppeh box legends

Yup, I'm buyin' it

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where do you find Biteki in Clover I want one badly

Fix a Shitmon

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Pick your favorite shitmon from here. Make it good, or at the very least, better. I'll start.
>hard-coded immunity to Ground-types
>give it Strength Sap (like how Calyptra moths suck blood), Acid Spray, and Toxic Spikes
>10 points to Defense
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Rosa thread

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Post images of the best PokeGirl
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