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Regional Variants in Remakes

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Now that regional variants seem like they are her to stay, do you think GF will add Sinnohnian variants in the inevitable DP remake? It could be a neat way to add later gen pokemon to the Sinnoh dex.
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Modders are already adding cut Pokémon in Sword and Shield

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Why does Gen 5 feel so isolated from the rest of the generations?
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>stil no dolphin pokemon
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Take a preferably famous fakemon, modification of a pokemon, creature from other franchise, or whatever and give it actual pokémon stats, abilities

Ability: Kungz. On physical contact, the user will steal the object the target is holding. It fails to steal it if the user is already holding an object. If the user uses Thief or Covet, it has the added effect of U-Turn or Volt Switch.
Stats: 105/140/55/30/55/95 (Same as galarian darmanitan)
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So let's settle this... Who is the best ghost of SwSh?
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Rose thread

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Last one died, let's get some good daddy pics in here.
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>wake up
>your house is now infested with emolga's
what do you do?