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Villain Thread

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Bi-weekly villain circlejerk. Happy saturday
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Record yourself saying “KANTOOOOOOOOOOOOO”
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Post your dream team
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Is this accurate, /vp/?
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Pokeboy general

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For posting images where cute boys are the main focus/one of the main focuses
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Is anyone playing Gen 4/5 with the online back? I just did a trade on HGSS GTS and got some Mystery Gifts and I was wondering if anyone wants to trade FC, since you need to register someone to battle.

Pic related
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>it's a sexy Misty episode
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Just beat Black Tower

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Benga wasn't all that tough imo. A few Hidden power Ices and two stone edges later, he's done.

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Is there a SINGLE Pokemon who can beat a t-rex in a 1v1 fight?
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