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Pokemon Fake and Gay

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I'm telling you fucks, pay attention. Pokémon Generation 8 Reveal at E3 will show the title, and nothing else. The story itself is huge, 2x long as Sun and Moon, skippable cutscenes are in the game for you fucks who can't take time to read, The game is set in a classic Chinese style region with heavy influence from many Asian cultures, specifically India and Singapore. The story is based around a conflict between traditions and innovations, and the whole story itself is going to take a very dark turn for the series. A major aspect that will be popping up is human sacrifice, specifically with your friend/rival character. The friend/rival will either self sacrifice themselves to repent for their sins in order to summon the "good" legendary or be sacrificed as part of a cult's plan to summon the "evil" Legendary. I say good and evil but the villains are more diverse than just standard good and evil. The starters are going to be a; Grass Hyena, Fire Cow and a Water Snake. Gyms do not return, Trials do not return as both are completely replaced by a brand new system. There will be a lot of sidequests in the game, involving helping the people around you. The battle system change leak is correct, but the battle system is not at all like Pokken or DW, but follows a system similar to old RPGs like Final Fantasy. The new Eeveelution will be a Ghost type, with an evolution method unlike any we've seen before, the "flying type Eeveelution" ""leak"" is not real, people are absolutely stupid, pic related is merely for marketing, project_eevee is a merchandising campaign, Game Freak themselves will be the ones to tease the new Eeveelution. Finally there will be no new Megas, but there will be new Z-Moves as well as new Ultra Beasts, as Poke Ride, and Ultra Warp Ride will make a return, and the Aura feature from Gen 7 will make a return with new features.
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Landorus is weak to Nidoking
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Just found out that Questy's website is gone.
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Stop making ''''''leaks''''" threads
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To be completely honest, I like decidueye and think he'd be fun in smash, but I feel like he'd be more dark pit-esqe than his own character. I feel like between incineroar and decidueye, we'd be more likely to see the latter, but it would also be nice to see other pokemon characters in smash.

I wish I could say this without owlfags/barafags/falsefaggers going apeshit
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Pokemon Direct - 3/22

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Expect an announcement later today.
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Is it frowned upon to use the less stronger legendaries like Raikou, Azelf and etc in game?
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Need a fix for B2W2 due to a save error.

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Hey /vp/. I need some help. I've looked far and wide to find fixes for this error and I've gotten no fruitful results, you're my last resort.
I was just about to load up my White 2 game when a blue screen showed up and what I got was an error message saying this.

"The save data could not be accessed.

Please turn the power off and reinsert the Game Card."
Take the error's advice and get the same result. Used my DSi, 3DS, DS Lite, nothing changes. I dunno what to do, is it faulty? AM I able to fix it? Do I have to trade it in? I'm counting on you for this /vp/. I hope you can help me out.
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