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>tfw no Pokemon x Rune Factory x Animal Crossing open world game
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What's up my dudes, i just started playing moon for the first time, been playing since pokemon yellow so this is a pretty cool thing for me that I've been putting off.

However I wanted a certain party in mind but the pokemon are transfer only, so i'm basically here to beg for them is any of you have them, while also starting a trade general.

I'm looking for a Duskull and/or lotad. the evolutions work but the lower level the better! my friend code is 1435-8895-7646
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Name one thing US/UM has to do to be as much an improvement on SM as BW2 were over BW1
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Pic related is now your sister

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How fucked are you?
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Pokemon reveal announcement in 1998

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Great video skip to 2:20 and people say Pokemon doesn't do E3
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My cat, my only friend, my only family just die.
Please post cat Pokémon.
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Is this our generation's Charizard?
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best plane

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best plane
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Nidoran Sunday: The First One Edition

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Okay here's a new general I'm adding that will probably fail horribly.
Post cute and cool art of the Nidoran Family.
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