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oh shit

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Claim your favorite Pokemon before someone else does. It only counts if you post a picture.

I'll take Ampharos
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Hey what's the original comic this is from? It's been driving me crazy and I just can't think of the right thinks to search for it.

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>Ryan Reynolds
>Not Bennedict Cumberbatch
>Not David Tenant
>Not Will Ferell
>Not fucking Danny Devitofor the memes
Hard pass for me on this one.
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Can we have one of these? Template next post.
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Can you turn off shared exp?
Can you cancel evolutions by pressing B?
Is running set as default or do you use a button for it?
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>hur magic and mysticism in a series about elemental monsters is too unrealistic
>now look at my abortions which have no valid reason to have come into existance other than to make darwin spin in his grave
Is this peak burger? The crystalisation of shitty hollywood exectutive adaption suggestions?
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What would you do if Greninja were real?

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Anyone know what the trick is to have bulbasaur show up in viridian forest?