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Is this accurate?
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Serena Sunday

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Are these going to be the first third versions that dont add a fucking battle facility?
>Crystal: Tower
>Emerald: Frontier
>Platinum: Another Frontier
>B2W2: PWT
>USUM: groudon incorporated
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Where were you when Bulbapedia was BTFO yet again?
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>Hey anon, is that a 3DS? Watcha playing?
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Ultra sun or Ultra moon?
For me probably moon
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Pokémon with extremely mediocre stat spreads

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Post Pokémon and their stats who have really mediocre stat spreads. And I don’t mean mediocre as in “bad”. I mean it in the sense that their stats are very balanced and they excel at nothing.

1. Ignore typing, abilities, and movepools. Stats only.
2. Legendary Pokémon with even 600 BST are not allowed.
3. Try not to have more than 30 points separating their best and worst stats.

HINT: Lots of Gen 1 Pokémon are balanced like this.

HARD MODE: No starters.
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Generation r8 thread

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Rate each generation, talk about its pros and cons. Rank on best to worse.

For me, it goes like this.

Gen 1: Absolutely fucking garbage, easily the 3rd worst. However, when you're playing it for glitches, its awesome.

Gen 2: Best generation, great designs, Crystal was awesome with animation and online trading was cool. Also battle tower.

Gen 3: Just awesome. Great story, GREAT music, awesome post-game. Re-makes were meh, but still fun as hell.

Gen 4: Around the same as 3. Perfect music, and the Wi-Fi feature was awesome at the time. Mystery gifts, events, all that shit was cool too. Pokemon designs started getting a bit weird, but nothing too much.

Gen 5: Absolute fucking horseshit. I hated it as soon as they released Zoroark. Pokemon now look like a bunch of fucking monster digimon and have atrocious designs. Story was fine, music was lackluster. Just mediocre.

Gen 6: Absolute fucking garbage. I hate the jump from 2d to 3d. Sucked so fucking bad and was easy as hell to beat with shitty post-game. Remakes were absolute DOGSHIT and I wish it never existed.

Gen 7: Haven't even bought it because I know it's shit. I just know its literal garbage served on a platter.
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Are there any pokemon trainers without hair out there? what about people in wheelchair?
if not why is the pokemon world so mary sue?
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