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>what is pokemon masters?
A mobile Pokemon game that's real time instead of turn based and focuses on collecting trainers instead of Pokémon
>How do I reroll?
1.) Play the game until you complete the chapter 1 tutorial
2.) Use the gems that you got from the starting bonus to roll 4 times
3.) Once you see that you didn't get your waifu go to the options menu and click "delete save data" and start over at step 1
>What do the rates look like? (embed)
>Is this game f2p friendly?
You can very easily complete any challenge thrown at you with the free characters. However, it's more than likely that the free characters aren't your favorite. You DO want your waifu, right?
Also, there's no energy, so you can grind all you want
>Has anyone ripped the models yet?
Check the /3vp/ thread
>Is [X] character in the game yet?
Every relevant (non anime) character is planned on being in the game, but all of the current ones are here:
>Is there a tier list yet?
Any tier list currently posted is pure bullshit for easy (You)s.
>Why cant i play? i keep getting device not compatible despite having [new phone]
You need a 64 bit phone AND os to play
>Can I emulate it?
64 bit games cannot be emulated yet
>what do i do now that I've completed the story?
grind. and when you're done with that, grind some more
>is there a benefit to rolling 10x instead of 1x?
it saves time
>I'm stuck on [x]. How do i beat it?
level up your trainers
>How do I play co-op missions with anons from /pmg/?
as a host:
1.) tap the co-op mission you want
2.) tap "connect with friends"
3.) share the party number at the top in the thread
as someone joining an existing lobby:
1.) tap on poryphone
2.) tap "invitations" at the very bottom of the screen
3.) tap party number search and enter the number of the party you want to join
>How do I make a Masters icon?

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Pokemon Clover

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Which group of you fuckers were in charge of balancing this thing? Every fucking gym has moves to counter every starter's typing. You went the emerald route and even gave the water gym ice type moves just to fuck over grass type. I love this game, but fuck this is some gay levels of bullshit. Also, "gittin gud" isn't a possible when there's fucking fire grass type and shit.
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If Character Were Pokemon

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Type: Electric/Water
Ability: Water Absorb/Run Away
Hidden Ability: Rock Head
Gender Ratio: 87.5% male, 12.5% female
Catch Rate: 45 (11.9%)
Evolve Form: Enker
Evolve Into: None
Egg Groups: Human Like
Stats: 41/13/19/11/89/30
Pokedex Color: Yellow
Volt Tackle
Extreme Speed
Volt Switch
Present (Event Only)

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ITT: Battles worthy of being considered boss battles.
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Fakemon thread

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This is your waifu for tonight. Say something nice to her edition.

Last thread went to shit.
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I tried to travel into a different D.S. game's dimension with Palkia but I couldn't and this happened to him. Please can you guys fix him?
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When are we getting more SWSH news this month? I want pic related to be revealed.
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cute fossil
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You ARE the rival now

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Tired by all these shitposting, all the hate and all the rage?
Here's a little game for all the family!
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