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X/Y Questions General 84

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>Extended FAQ

People and Places:
>How do I get into the boutique/Hair styles?
>How do I get passed the punk in the Lost Hotel?
You need to talk to and learn the skating tricks from the skaters in Lumiose city.
>Where do you spend Pokemiles?
Lumiose Pokecenter, South Boulevard
>Where are the Move Relearner/Deleter?
Dendemille Town
>I can't find _____ in Lumiose city!

>Where do I find a Dusk stone?
Complete the Super Training Secret Mode with the Aegislash Baloon, (Requires a fully EVd mon), talk to the Team Flare member (Post Game) or Terminus Cave
>..Shiny stone?
Route 12 ride the Skiddo around.
>Where do I find the Mega stone for ______?
(You can only find Mega Stones between 8pm to 9pm game time after finishing one battle at the Maison and defeating your rival. You must then examine the giant sundial in Anistar and talk to Sycamore)
>Where do I find TM __?

>Where do I find Eevee?
Route 10
>How do I evolve it into Sylveon?
Get two hearts on the affection meter in Amie and teach it a fairy type move (It learns charm as it levels up)
>Where do I find Ditto?
>Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres keep running and I can't catch them, wat do?
Keep chasing them till they stop at the Sea Spirit's Den, you can catch them there.
>How do I evolve Inkay/Skrelp/Clauncher
Turn the 3DS upside-down after you hear the *ding* of it leveling up(Level 30)
Level 48 (No Camoflage has nothing to do with it
Level 37
>Does tipping increase shiny chance?
That is only a rumor, no confirmation on that
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