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Showderp is a wonderful time where a bunch of people pretend someone is Marriland and try to convince other people that person is Marriland and/or close all their tabs.

1) After a showderp suspension or after a new champ call (must be in an actual post in the current thread, not just in the battle chat) or disappearance of champ for 15 minutes, first one to call champ (anything from an empty post to just quoting the post calling new champ to just "me" or "lel"; must contain a name field or name in post) is champ. If you want to be champ USE A TRIPCODE. People with no tripcode cant be champ. (YourNameOnShowdown#"a password")
2) Suggestions may not be skipped; if they are mutually incompatible, the first one takes precedence:
2a) Two calls for "gengar" in the first six suggestions: One Gengar is used, the second call is skipped in favor of the seventh suggestion.
2b) Two calls, one is "blood waifu", the other is "liligant": Merge suggestions to the blood waifu set and skip the more general request.
2c) Two calls specifically for mega-evolutions: Champ gives stones to both and decides in the match which evo to use for the match.
3) Champ is free to call new team or new champ after having played at least two matches.
3a) Champ may also call new champ at any point if he has to leave for some reason, such as doorbell ringing. He should announce in the battle chat if he really can't do anything against it mid-battle.
4) Intentionally forfeiting, disconnecting and/or timestalling is not allowed. You fight until your pokemon or your opponent's pokemon are KO'd. If you know your Internet connection is currently very unstable (cannot finish a 30-turn match without disconnecting), do not champ.
Use a trip when claiming champ
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