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CYOA: Scrumptious Calem and Kuudere Serena's Tubular Voyage Part 49: DIO. DIO. DIO.

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Part 48:
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Goddamn, I had to resave so many images today...
"You know, I have to give you credit, Calem, honestly I really do. In the span between this battle and the last--which I should point out was a handful of towns back--, you've caught like what? One more Pokemon?"



The presence of constant hail is no threat at all to the douche subtly manhandling the puppet strings in your motives for doing the things that you do. In fact, it should be well-noted that the only reason you came out here in the first place is to follow said douchebag down, record his every move, then proceed to kick his ass with ALL the training and pre-battle preparation you've done to compensate for your many, many weaknesses.

Unfortunately you did none of that because every day spent in this tundra is wasted helping people out with their menial problems and tasks with no reward other than a pat on your bacne-ridden back. Like that one Sneasel a few miles back that wanted your help opening that forbidden jar of stolen souls.

>"Yo dude, open this jar. It's got Donald Glover's consciousness in it."

>"Uh, n-no thanks, I'm not that big of a fan of Community.."
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