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Pokémon Anime Discussion Thread

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Welcome to the Pokémon anime discussion thread. Talk about new episodes, old episodes, upcoming episodes, anime Pokégirls, sub releases, discuss, speculate, bitch and moan, etc etc.


Next episode:
XY43: Tower of Mastery! The History of Mega Evolution!! [September 18th]

Upcoming episodes:
>XY44: Shalour Gym Match! Pikachu VS Mega Lucario!! [September 25th]
>XY45: Clemont VS Bonnie!? A Sibling Battle With Meowstic!! [October 2nd]
>XY46: The Clumsy Wigglytuff VS the Rampaging Salamence!! [October 9th]
>Pocket Monsters XY Special: The Strongest Mega Evolution ~Act II~ [November 6th]

Shit people will ask:
>Is this season good? I haven't watched the anime in [x] years and-
Yes, it's fucking good just start watching it already.

>Will Serena win da Ash?
The long answer: No. |The short answer: Maybe.

>Will May return as part of ORAS hype?
KAORI has recently returned to voice acting, so we'll see.

>Muh Skrelp where?
A South Korean ship sank and TV Tokyo have postponed the episode since it deals with a sunken ship

>Muh subs when?
[PM] is subbing XY but their releases can happen any time of the week.

>Muh dubs when?
This Saturday, The Forest Champion!

>Muh episode 24 when?
Yes, it aired in Korea. God knows when it's coming here.

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