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Smogon bias

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Did you know that Smogon adds secret code to pokemon they like (mainly fairy types) so that all battles are secretly in their favour?

I mean, just look at this fucking biased match:

>Sylveon has SIXTY FIVE base Defense.
>The Feraligatr had 252 EVs in its Attack stat (although it was a Jolly nature) which means that to start with is 309.
>Now times that by 2.5 (which is what he danced up to in the replay) - 309 x 2.5 = 772.5
>Sylveon was hit with Waterfall - an 80 BP move. But due to STAB - 80 + 50% = 120 actual power

Normally you'd think that his entire team would be fucked (since Waterfall hits everything super-effectively and Ice Punch for Togekiss and Gliscor), but this is Smogon and Smogon hates edginess and loves fairies.

Fuck fairies.
Fuck the metagame.
Fuck Smogon.
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