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Servers are down for fucking everyone edition

What country has this game been released in?
Officially: Australia, New Zealand, Germany, UK and the USA

>Oficial guide and help

>Is anyone else having trouble with x?
Yes. Servers have been fucking up forever. If you have an issue, it's likely a server issue or a bug not unique to you.

>When will the game be released in my country?
What are we, from the future? We don't know.

>It says that the app is incompatible with my devices! What gives?
This is a region lock and it is very probable that your device IS in fact compatible with Pokemon GO. Install the app to find out! Directions are below.

>If I live outside of Australia, Germany,UK and the USA, can I download this game for Android?
Sure! Keep reading for directions.

>How do I download the game?
Go to http://www.apkmirror.com/apk/niantic-inc/pokemon-go/pokemon-go-0-29-2-release/pokemon-go-0-29-2-android-apk-download/
You will need a file manager on your phone. Get a file manager in the Google Play store.

ToTT: How are you spending your time while the servers are down?