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ITT: Times when Pokemon screwed over your life
This just happened to me 2 days ago...
>Be me
>Had a gf
>One day, she tells me Pokemon is for children. I tell her to shut up before I beat her
>This is how we joked around
>She takes it seriously this time and calls her dad
>Her dad comes over to my apartment and beats me himself
>Lie there crying like a faggot and say, "I kissed your daughter, bitach!" it sounded cooler in my head. He punched me one more time and left
>afterwards, I didn't bother getting help because I didn't want my family to find out
>call my gf, tell her I'm sorry but she said she was already fucking someone else
>get mad and break my phone throwing it against the wall
>go to Facebook and type up a long post on why girls are whores and post it on my wall
>basically, social suicide
>my own sister messages me on there and calls me out on my bullshit, she then goes to Facebook and type up a long post about me
>She's way more popular than me so she has many friends making fun of me
>get mad and delete Facebook
>play some ORAS to try to cheer myself up
>remember how this all started over fucking Pokemon