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You'd never believe she would survive the ordeal, seeing his huge body towering over her tiny, frail frame.
The moment his cock, that alone weights 3 times as much as Lillie herself, touches her pussy and feels her warmth and wetness, it's all over.
With a strength that would be capable of moving a 10 tons truck, without holding back a bit, he would start shoving his dick in her at full speed.
A normal human would die, but not a slut like Lillie, who's able to take the enormous cock balls deep, her stomach deforming horribly into his shape, pushing her organs aside and making her puke.
Just a few minutes of merciless thrusting and she's mindbroken, drooling and with her eyes rolled back. Unfortunately for her, Mudsdale's stamina allows him to go on for 3 days and 3 nights.
When it's time for him to come inside her, gallons and gallons of horse semen drowning her tiny womb and making her pregnant she's long unconscious and what once was a small pink puffy pussy, is now a hole large enough to fit 4 arms in. She won't be able to stand for weeks.
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