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My fakemon starters

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First off, we have the grass-type starter Mahzong; you can see vines coming out of his hands there, well if you look closely you can see green claws coming out of his other hand, wolverine-style. The claws cannot retract, but they can turn into vines and extend out like he's doing with his other hand. They use those to swing from tree-to-tree, and it's tail can grab things too.

At level 16 Mahzong evolves into... Lizun!

Lizun is still pure grass-type; Lizun grew wings when it evolved, but they're not powerful enough to be used for flight yet- BUT they can be used to hover for short amounts of time. Like Mahzong it has non-retractable claws on its hands that can turn into vines; its tail is also longer now so it can grab things farther away just like it can with its vines.

At level 36 Lizun evolves into... CRIZARD!!
Looks like a grass and flying type doesn't it? hehe- WELL YOU'RE WRONG! Crizard is grass/DRAGON. It's a never-before-seen type combination and that it does make him super weak to ice but it gives him a lot of resistances and cool new moves as a result. Crizards wings are fully formed now, and allows it to fly as well as it wants. Its tail now even has little fingers on it so it can grab things even better with it. Although it doesn't use its hand-vines to climb much anymore, it still has them to use for combat and to grab things.
Well, that's it for the grass starters, nest we have the fire.

Soo.. here's the first fire starter.. Raptorch!

Raptorch is the first ever red fire starter; seriously go look at them, none of them are red. The fire on its back burns continuously but it burns brighter when it's excited or angry and dimmer when it's sad or tired. And it likes to nibble and things for fun... so be careful; those teeth are sharp.

At level 16 Raptorch evolves into... Velosinge.

Still pure fire type, its fire burns in a similar fashion to Raptorch's, but Velosinge is much faster and a much better hunter.

At level 36 Velosinge evolves into(1/2)
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