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Nickname Thread

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Nickname thread? I'm Breeding for a Beedrill and while I'm usually decent at names I can't come up with decent bug names without being super edgy.

My Pinsir is named Stagrush because im shit.

Name for a Beedrill and by extension Pinsir? Give me a decent name and I have some Breedjects for you (Wimpods, Stufful, Mareanie) or battle items, whatever

Also post your names and R8, H8 etc. or post pokemon you want named.

Pic related: Friki
Buzzwole: Swolesquito (im shit)
Landorus: Dudley
Kartana: ShortPrint
Metagross: Quadraxis
Charizard: Rakdos
Scizor: Zebesian
Volcarona: Agi
Celesteela: Rocket Lady
Ambipom: Punchies
Regirock: Thardus
Registeel: Rundas
Seismetoad: Wart

Primarina:Bailey Jay
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