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/vp/ is sexy

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I love /vp/, it changed my life
I'm 21 and a femanon, I wanted to date someone from here, but I didn't believe to meet someone from this beautiful place. 2 years ago I met a guy here, his name is Adrian. I live in Virginia and he, lives there, too. So we found us in a Gardevoir thread and well...we gave our E-Mails. We chatted 5 months...enough to meet us in realife. He just lives 30 minutes away. So yeah, I was nervous of course. Sadly I found he likes /pol/, but I still dated him. The problem is that I'm half Turkish and Half American, if you visit /pol/ you know what it means... He said sorry that he called Turkish people roaches and then we had sex. You see, you can find your bf and gf in /vp/, lets go !
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