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It's been a while, but since the announcement of USUM has happened, I've been thinking about you /vp/.
I've been thinking about how pitiful this safespace of a board is with it's contrarian-like mindset. So let's get this started, shall we?

Gen 5, the gen that single handedly almost killed the franchise and had a lot of the games core fans thinking of abandoning this sinking ship of a series due to the clear decline in quality.

Let's take a look at the long list of objective facts that this gen did wrong.

>Absolute dog shit dex filled to the brim with deviant art tier juvenile designs
When you have one of the largest new dexes and I can't even put together a team of 6 (six) pokemon that I like, then you know there's a massive problem.
This dex was made up of abominations, and I'm not even talking about the big offenders like garbodor and vanilluxe, I'm talking literally almost everything. There's maybe 4-5 good lines in this joke of a dex which is just laughable.

>Bland and forgettable region
>Trash team with a ridiculously bad looking uniform and an equally ridiculously bad reason for existing
>Toddler tier story
>Non existent difficulty (always makes me kek when the underage majority of this board says they had trouble with these games literally because these were the first games you millenial fuccbois grew up with)

Positives about Gen V -
Some great music
The very few pokemon from this gen I do like are pure kino.

And that's all.

It brings a smile to my face whenever I come here and see the sperging out and tears about how gamefreak doesn't give the slightest shit about you or your shitty gen considering they're doing their absolute best to distance the new games from them which is without a doubt the correct move.
Everywhere other than here (and I really do mean EVERYWHERE) rates gen 5 as the absolute bottom of the barrel worst games in the series. They scored shit, they sold shit, they are shit.

USUM can't come soon enough. Feels good to enjoy games :)
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