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Someone explain to me why GF keeps pandering to Genwunners? Do they think they'll manage to convert some of them into customers for their newer gens? Don't they realize these people just want Kanto and the 151 Pokemon and that's it? Putting references to it in gen 6 by making a 1:1 Viridian Forest isn't going to pull them over to your side and making something like Let's Go isn't going to make them buy Gen 8. Look at the reaction when Johto was added into Pokemon Go with people getting pissed they were getting more content.

These are people who do not want to learn new Pokemon's names, they don't want to capture 800 Pokemon, they don't want to go to new areas, they consider every single new Pokemon absolute shit and not as good as the original designs, and they basically just have Kanto on repeat in their brains because it's what they remember as kids. It seems baffling to try and appeal to these people when they're only good for a single gen before completely disregarding everything else at the cost of losing the people who are actually going to keep up with you.
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