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New Player?

>Complete all Trainer Challenges to get free packs and unlock basic decks (use Cheat Engine to speed up AI games).
>Farm Versus Mode theme ladder for Tokens and Tournament Tickets.
>Enter tournaments to get tradeable chests and packs.
>It's advised not to open them.
>Trade them for the cards you actually want for a deck you want to build directly, or flip your way up to them.
>Public trade is like the GTS, if you want proper results, put up your own offers.

What theme deck should I buy?
>Either Entei or Blastoise

>https://pastebin.com/mcCWbytq (budget deck pastebin)
>https://pastebin.com/gyTJPmk2 (trading tips pastebin)
>https://play.tcgone.net (play testing decks for free)

Trading companies overprice cards, aim lower. Keep pack value in mind when trading. Always check other public trades, even when using a guide.
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