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SM is nowhere near as linear as this board says it is

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pic related, which for the record is only HALF of route one, which by itself has four exits and an optional area that can only be accessed after coming back with an extra ride Pokemon, and it has unique pokemon like Munchlax or Bonsly

Melemele Island alone has the graveyard, Seaward Cave, Kala'e Bay, and Ten Carat Hill as completely optional areas that you can explore- but many of them, you do have to come back with a later HM

Not to mention, SM has another system- each patch of tall grass has its own encounter system

This is all on the first, most railroady Island. Other islands are even more open, especially Poni.

The difference about SM's maps is that they are far faster to be able to get through, not that they are smaller- your character is the one that is faster. It's an illusion created by more modern systems allowing for faster, freer movement.
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