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Quality of life changes you'd like to see in gen 8

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This isn't a predictions thread, just a list of things you'd like to see implemented to improve the series, big or small, casual or competitive

>fairy now only resists dragon, but ice also resists dragon, fairy is a little too strong imo, but dragon still needs keeping in check
>ice gets 1.5x def buff in hail, and another type gets hail immunity, water, maybe even fire. This not only gives ice the same boost as rock in SS, but helps add to each type feeling unique
>mirror coat now effects dark types, it's hard enough to land anyway, greninja shouldn't get a free escape
>revisit pokemon from gens 1-4 and seriously improve their stats, there are so many who don't have a stat higher than 90, and they shouldn't all be crept out
>ground types now break up spikes and/or rocks on switch in, hazards are too common in my opinion, plus this gets finally gets lando banned
>introduce new battle items, or buff the useless single use ones they've introduced over the last few gens, near enough every viable item has been in the game since gen 4, they haven't scaled along with the power creep
>ability that set up trick room like drizzle/drought, give it to Mr. Mime and maybe a few others, fuck it maybe even make similar abilities for magic room and wonder room
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