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Genwun Thread

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Sometimes I forget how good this was. I get that in the modern day franchise there's something for everyone and you kind of pick and choose the things you love and ignore all the crap you dislike but this... you can just accept the entire world as it is. No incoherent clusterfuck of 20+ years of piling crap on top of crap, no saving the world with the pokegods of time and space and light and dark every 5 years, no obligation to pump out new batches of critters tailor made to sell merch out of and fill up Nintendo's pockets.
Just the brilliant vision of an autistic japanese nerd and his friends that combines the love for bug catching and kaiju shows with the classic Dragon Quest rpg format and the urban flair of the Mother series.

It's far from perfect, but it's also, dare I say it- beautiful.
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