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Retcons you would make

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Since we all know GF is afraid of making too many retcons/stat changes/move fixes for the most part, what are some you would make? I’ll start with some obvious ones I think
>Nido line is now one line and is breedable
>Espeon and Umbreon evolve by sun and moon stone respectively
>Leafeon and Glaceon evolve by leaf and ice stone respectively
>lower most of unova mon’s evolution levels
>give Hypno dream eater by level up (though lgpe did fix this)
>allow Zangoose to learn cut
>Luvdic evolves into Alomomola by friendship
>trade evos now have two ways to attain, either trade while holding an item (which does not consume it) or level up while holding the item (which does consume it)
>friendship rates are lowered, but Amie levels raise rate of friendship
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