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>be Serena from Vaniville Town
>traveling the Kalos region with a gym leader and his little sister
>and, of course, much more importantly, that sexy boy from Kanto, my one and only true love, and the manliest man in the whole world, Ash
>insatiable desire to have him bend me over our lunch table every day and ravage my (his) body
>want nothing more than to give my body to him to do with it as he wants
>anything he wants
>picture myself sneaking into his tent at night and climbing into his sleeping bag so I can curl myself around his body
>unfortunately, he shares the tent with Clemont, so I'd get caught
>maybe I should get rid of Clemont
>nah we need him for cooking
>come to think of it, I really need to learn how to properly cook rather than just bake if I'm going to take care of Ash as his loving wife forever and ever
>also there's Pikachu
>thankfully, Pikachu will certainly accept me as his co-trainer after Ash and I get married, so there's no need to worry there
>my thoughts drift back to Ash
>wonder if he knows about my feelings for him and is only playing dumb
>Bonnie better not have told him
>if she did, I'm going to take Dedenne and chuck him off a cliff
>and how did she even find out in the first place
>am I that obvious?
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