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Favourite Mons

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Ok, /vp/ what are your favorite mons and explain your top 3.
Chariard- It was my first pokemon and my first level 100, so i have fond memories of using it
Typhlosion- my first shiny mon was my cyndaquil in crystal. i didn't eve know what a shiny was so i thought my cyndaquil was female (i was 6 and didn't realize the gender symbols' meanings)
Flygon- The one that got away for me. I was exploring the hoenn desert and came across a green trapinch. I knew what shinies were by now and i rushed to my bag just to realize i was out of pokeballs. i ran back to town to buy more and spent hours running around close to where i found it hoping it was still there
Plus overall i like the reptile or badass designs in pokemon more

if you want to make a list here's the site
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