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Could an army of pokemon defeat the U.S. Military?

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Well? I think it would be interesting.
>Ground forces
would include mons like Steelix, Chesnaught (can survive explosions, seed bomb), and some fast moving mons like Alakazam, Lucario, etc
>Air power
Skarmory, Talonflame and Crobat (they're super fast), Dragonite and Salamance (big bois that dan deal damage)
>Poke Navy
Blastoise, Gyarados, Swampert, Wailord, Greninja (as marines)
>Honorable mentions
Voltorb and Electrode as suicide bombers, Jolteon, Ninjask, a number of ice types to freeze infantry, ordinance, and planes

What do you think? Which pokemon would be most viable in this situation, and would they win? Keep in mind the U.S. Military is using everything at its disposal.
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