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Why the manga is still the best thing in Pokemon

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- Doesn't focus on 1 protagonist and his starter like Ash anime but give you tons of support characters and new protagonists to keep being fresh
- Rival has personality and isn't just a total douchebag for the sake of being a douchebag
- Villians aren't retarded clowns helping indirectly to defeat them like in the games
- Gym leaders aren't just NPCs and actually fight evil when arises, unlike in the games, Ash anime, and Origins.
- no friendship is power meme thrown into every single battle like Ash anime and Origins
- Red actually trains and cares about his pokemon equally, resulting in a super strong and balanced team, unlike Ash and Red who barely train their Pokemon.
- Red grew up and became more mature through the manga, unlike Ash is forever a retarded 10 years old or Origins Red who keeps blushing like a faggot every time he sees Charizard.
- Red uses actual strategy and tactics in his battles, unlike Ash who spams "Dodge it! Pikachu use thunderbolt again, I believe in you!" or Origins Red: *screams random moves or fire moves against water types* without any thinking, resulting in sending out 5 pokemon to die instantly only for Charizard to win by plot armor and power of friendship.
- Story isn't relying on the same formula to run, unlike Ash anime who is still running on script of "Ash does dumb shit and Pikachu saves the day against random shit lol" or Origins with "Red faces troubles until he sends out Charizard to win and then both shares hugs and kisses" and unlike the games where it's "protagonists gets a starter, defeats some gyms, bad guys appear, bad guys lose, protagonists do few more gyms, becomes champions"... bleh.

There's a reason why most people consider the manga the superior Pokemon media.
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