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PokeMMO General v. 0.2 /pmmog/ Jumpeon edition

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Why arent you playing yet? Its everything you wish pokemon was.



Uses ROMs

Why play?
>The hardest nuzlocke available
>AI uses comp strats
>Level cap at every gym to ensure difficulty and that you train several mons
>Its an MMO, your autistic shiny hunting means something
>Its an MMO, IVs and EVs actually mean something and add value to a mon
>Tiers, OU, UU, NU, LC, Dubs, Trips, Rotation, 4 player contests
>Extreme level of character customization
>Holiday events with exclusive prizes
>Vanilla regions to relive childhood
>Kanto, Hoenn,Unova, and soon Sinnoh
>Battle frontier can be played coop
>4 player contests (gen 3 contests)
>Shinies matter, some being so rare only 1-0 exist on the server
>Breeding matters and is both easier and makes sense for MMO environment
>Training shit to lvl 100 and ev training actually adds monetary value to shit
>Runescape style trading system with unlimited listings
>Player customization for daaayyyzz
>Official PvP tournaments with shiny prizes daily
>Official catching competitions with shiny prizes
>Tons of user ran events
>Simply seeing people running around in a familiar map
>PvP automated matchmaking for ez duels
>Ranked PvP ladder
>Follower pokemon
>Gen 7 move/stat pools in gen 5 meta
>All pokemon can learn their event moves from any gen if they have one
>All pokemon can learn all possible generational movesets 3+
>Gen 7 type chart changes
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