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Last 2 gens worth it?

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Work, family and sport don’t leave much time for videogames anymore.
The only system I own is the switch, the only game I play is Smash.
I’m looking for a fallback game for when I’m alone and not in mood to play online and pokemon seem to tick all the boxes.

While I wait for Sword/Shield I want to see where the series is headed.
Everybody here seem to hate all the core series games that came out since the 3DS (XY, ORAS, SM, USUM, LGPE).

Is it worth it to buy a New Nintendo 3DS XL and play all these games plus RBY and GSC with the virtual console?

The last pokemon game I played was Platinum.
My favorite games are Crystal and Platinum.
I’d like to get into the VGC format, on a hobbyist level.
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