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Pokemon - Sword and Shield Game Info

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I am going to get straight to the point in regards to why I am posting here. I have seen the first 20 minutes of actual gameplay footage from upcoming Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. The footage I have seen and gameplay mechanics are above what even I expected for this game. I certainly didn't think I would be this pleased with it. I am sure many of you are wondering, why I would post this, and how I got access to see this. I am involved with some of the investors for the games, and we have been having regular meetings regarding the progress of game development, and the last meeting revealed the first 15-20 minutes of the game. Anyway, here is how the game starts off.

After you name/design/customize your character, you will appear in your room. Your mom will ask you to come downstairs and clean up as you guys are expecting your moms old friend for dinner (The Pokemon Professor for Galar Region). Your mom hasn't seen her in years since moving away and now they finally get to catch up. The professor shows up and the dinner takes place, your mom and the professor are chatting away, talking about how her studies are going. The professor is studying how Pokemon adapt to human impact on their habitats. A few minutes later the topic of the “Pokemon Cup Championship” comes up. You tell your mom and the professor that you will compete for one day when you get a Pokemon. They both laugh and agree. The Professor leans in to tell your mom something then promptly gets up and says she must get going. Before she leaves, she tells you to come by her lab sometime up at the top of route 4.
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