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Sword/Shield leak thread

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In light of the Nintendo Direct news coming tomorrow, which promises info on Sword/Shield, I thought we should have another leak thread to speculate on what will come next.

If you need a refresher or for the uninitiated I'll start with the most widely known leak, the Affleck leak. I'll summarize what hasn't been revealed yet:

>Evil Legendary: Eternatus
>Gigantamax: Lapras, Meowth, Pikachu
>Regional evolutions: Sirfetch'd, Meowth
>New Pokémon: Skwovet, Greedunt
>Gym Leaders: Kabu, Opal
>Feature: Camping
>Starter evolutions: Raboot, which becomes fighter-like in appearance and humanoid; Sizzile, which becomes Intelleon; Grookey's final evolution, a gorilla that beats a wooden drum

In the image I have there also mentions a seagull and barracuda but I don't know if it's from the same leaker.

Sorry for any mistakes, I'm mobile posting.
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