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Just admit it guys. The only reason you're gonna buy/rent/borrow/pirate this game is so you can play dress up with this cutie. Or some other erection-inducing reason, I'm sure. Pokemon has literally zero appeal other than actual "sex appeal" these days. Whether you intend to get the game because you find the Gym Leaders hot or you want to fuck the Cake or Pony Pokemon etc, it's all very superficial sexual marketing. In other words, you (the consumer) are being exploited. Where is the actual meat to the gaming experience? Where's the great post-game content seen in Emerald/Platinum/HGSS? Where's the higher difficulty setting seen in Black 2? Where's the massive progression in game mechanics seen in gens 2, 3, and 4? Where is the actual gameplay to sink our collective teeth into? If you just wanna fap to the characters, you can easily do that without even playing the games ffs. I, for one, want a GAME to play, not this half assed bullshit.
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