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"He Actually Farms For Gear" Edition

>what is pokemon masters?
A gacha game that will hopefully see improvements in the near future but still manages to have much more soul than Sword/Shield.

>How to Play and How to Win

>How do I reroll (Yes, you should reroll)
1.) Play the game until you complete the chapter 1 tutorial
2.) Use the gems that you got from the starting bonus to roll 7~8 times (now + 10 more rolls with 3000 apologems from Elesa's bug)
3.) Once you see that you didn't get your waifu go to the options menu and click "delete save data" and start over at step 1

>Gear FAQ
>Is there any benefit to farming gear?
Yes, you can min max some types of sync pairs like this (excluding the use of dupes and tickets).
>Is it absolutely necessary for the existing content as of right now?
>Is 2*gear gonna be necessary for future content?
No way of knowing for now.
>1*gear or 2*gear?
A set of maxed 2*gear gives the same bonus as maxed 1*gear for off-types so there is no reason to farm 1*gear when 2*gear exists.
>Should I farm 2*gear?
Depends on what you feel like doing. If you don't want to, that's fine. If you want to, that's fine as well.
>I want to farm 2*gear but not all of them because it's boring.
Farm only one type to the max and it's done. If you use other 2* type gear on a different pokemon type you will get half of the bonus (+25hp/+20attack/+20sp.attack) which is still pretty good.


>Too important for FAQ
>How do I play co-op missions with anons from /pmg/?
as a host:
1.) tap the co-op mission you want
2.) tap "connect with friends"
3.) share the party number at the top in the thread
as someone joining an existing lobby:
1.) tap on poryphone
2.) tap "invitations" at the very bottom of the screen
3.) tap party number search and enter the number of the party you want to join

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