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James Turner’s Dexit

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>ice cream cone line is in
>klink line is in
>garbage bag line is not only in, but gets one of the new gigantamax forms
Why did so much of Turner’s shit make it in, when so many others did not? Of all the Unova mons that DIDN’T get cut, they picked the absolute most despised mons of Black and White to not only keep in, but even give new stuff to. The mons who to this day are used as evidence by Unova haters of the generation’s supposedly shit quality. They could’ve used this opportunity to put in all the amazing Unova mons and make people go “huh, I guess Unova was actually pretty cool after all”, but NO, they put in FUCKING VANILLUXE AND KLINGKLNAG AND EVEN GAVE FUCKING GARBADOR A GIGANTAMAX FORM. FUCKING TURNER
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