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Gamefreak employee reviews: Gamefreak confirmed LAZY

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>gamefreak's internal atmosphere

>In-house politics are always carried out, and the director's favorite staff will be promoted to work regardless of ability. However, because I am entrusted with big work even though I do not have the ability, it is another excellent staff who actually solves the problem. Basically, the director only sees the result, so only the assigned staff is evaluated. For this reason, excellent staff retired immediately, and most of the remaining staff are those at the time of company establishment and those who have no ability to succeed in internal politics.

>while gamefreak hardly has any crunch and will continue to rest during weekends right before the game’s completion, would rather lower the game’s volume rather than work on days off.

>there’s no passion towards game creation within the company.

>There is no enthusiasm for the game. Because Pokemon, sell any work.

>I decided to change jobs because I want to make an interesting game

From a verified Japanese job work site. How worse is this going to get?
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