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A howdy-doo to you, fellow Pokemon fans! I'm wondering what you folks think of the newest release? I am having a blast with Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield right now. People kept saying that this game was short, but don't buy into that doom n' gloom. I'm 12 hours in and I haven't reached the 2nd gym yet! The wild area is so darn fun, golly, I could see myself getting lost in it for hundreds of hours if I'm being honest with you. Not to mention I get all giddy every time I discover a new Curry to add to my currydex. You don't need to take my word for it, though. It looks like this games getting stellar ratings and rightfully so. Poketubin' experts like aDrive are also reliable, so you don't get yucky fake misnformation that's been spreading around of these games. It's all slander, really.... Anywho, I just came to say I think this is definitely game of the year. I think I'm going to buy it for my step son for Christmas. He will love it and all the new Pokemon... especially the Grooky line since he will be able to identify with the culture it was inspired by. See you on the battlefield, pard'ner.
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