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Can you guys help me improve my team? I've relatively new to singles play and I have piloted a couple of 1-1 copypasted single teams to 1400 elo (maybe changing a move or two here and there) and hit 1500 once on a streak but I wanted to try making one of my own. I'm not very good at teambuilding because when I played the games I usually just chose whatever pokemon I liked.

Main problem is that I have no way to clear hazards- I can put defog on conk but it feels really hard to find a move to cut. May be a better idea to change mons. Also my ferro doesn't have recover. I'm using gyro ball rn to punish grimmsnarl for screens and clef/sylveon from calm minding, but I can see myself dropping it for power whip. Don't want to cut knock off, its been doing work. Not sure if I should use spikes or stealth rock either but I've just been using stealth rock.

I do realise clefable would probably be pretty good on this team but I don't want to use it because almost all of the premade teams I used had it, and I'm sick of seeing it every game in general.
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