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>They removed the basic A button attack so you only use moves that cost PP
>Pressing A automatically chooses the best attack to use on your oponent
>Removed friend areas, you can no longer walk around in them and see your team mates
>Increased rate of items and rebuff pads
>A maximum of 8 team mates can follow and annoy you
>Added seeds you eat to Mega Evolve and beat anything
>You can press L at any time to have the game play for you
>The texture and shading choice is ugly and used to mask the low graphic quality
>They are adding Pokemon from newer gens, and the new gens have a lot of ugly Pokemon
>Music not as good as original: lacks the OOPMF.
>Has archaic password system
>No new Story Content
SHAZAM! Why are you buying this cashgrab, anon?
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