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>Hey anon.
>Get up, lazy ass.
>Your mom's coming over to visit.
>Huh? What is that you say?
>She wasn't supposed to be here until monday?
>Well, plans changed (thanks to some minor memory alteration)
>And now you have to be useful for the first time in your life, and clean up.
>Make this place look like it isn't inhabited by an obese, shut-in NEET who does nothing but scroll 4channel.org and stuff his face with cheese snacks until his eventual heart failure.
>Say, isn't it kinda ironic that a Grumpig is telling you that you live in a disgusting shithole?
>Isn't it pathetic?
>Now, you should probably be a good host and get some grub goin' before she gets here.
>I'm sure your mom LOVES nuggets.
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