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/vp/ixelmon Thread

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THERE IS NO /vp/ixelmon Discord. All updates will be posted here or in game.
Welcome to /vp/ixelmon: Generation 1X!

>What is /vp/ixelmon?
/vp/ixelmon is is the unofficial “official” Pixelmon server for /vp/. We use a mod called Pixelmon, which adds Pokemon to Minecraft. If you ever wanted a sandbox Pokemon game, now’s your chance.

This server is the continuation of the tradition of /vp/ixelmon servers over the years. With a simpler modlist in favor of enhancing gameplay and building. With a 10k by 10k map, you should be able to find somewhere to set up shop or even start a town! Using the waystones mod (costing NO exp to use) you are able to create a connection between towns no matter how far away you are! We hope you stop by!

Installation and links (Both Manual and MMC Instructions):
IP in the above pastebin.

This week's tourney theme is "Representation!"
Your team will consist of 3 pokemon that are references to a song, game, show, anything. You have to name your pokemon as per what character they are supposed to be. Use your imagination! For example: You could do Swalot as Shaggy, Stoutland as Scooby and Medicham as Daphney. Just an example. It doesn't have to be perfect.
3v3 Singles, No legends. Friday, 6:00EST

Prizes will be
1st. You may fully customize two of your pokemon, then you may have the other one turned shiny.
2nd. You may fully customize one of your pokemon, then you may have another one turned shiny.
3rd. You may fully customize one of your pokemon to 5IV
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