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Next Year's Pokémon Games LEAKED!!!!!!!

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They will be released on 18th Sept
Grass starter is a bipedal snake called Snivy, which becomes a grass serpent with a white face
Fire starter is a pig called Tepig, evolves into a bipedal boar with a flame beard
Water starter is called a bipedal otter called Oshawott, which evolves into a four-legged otter like creature with a mustache and a samurai theme. All 3 evos have shells somewhere on their bodies, which are detachable and become blades
2 rivals, Bianca and Cheren
Bianca is a high-strung girl who is always late, her father doesn’t approve of her becoming a Pokémon trainer, but comes to accept it. Ironically, she quits pursuing it halfway through the game and instead becomes professor’s assistant.
Cheren is a stoic, serious lad who thinks that strength is everything. He’s not weak, but the story does not really include him much
Professor is a woman named Professor Juniper, she has a father who upgrades your dex to the national dex post-game
Tons of post-game content, more than half the region unavailable until after completing main story, and only Unovan Pokémon (no past-gen Pokémon until post game)
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