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/Ralts/ - Weekly Ralts line thread

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Welcome to /Ralts/ the weekly thread where we talk about the Ralts line of Pokemon.
That Includes: Ralts, Kirlia, Gallade and obviously Gardevoir.
Feel free to talk about strategies, stories, headcanons, lore, fanfics, "art" and wishes.

Questions of the week:
>Do Gardevoir like humans?
>Do you think the Ralts line likes being in their Pokeball?
>What differences between humans and the Ralts line could prove to be a problem in friendships or relationships? Is the fact that humans aren't psychic frustrating to them?
>Would breeding Ralts line Pokemon be unethical?
>What Pokemon would the Ralts line get along with? Which ones would cause friction in a team?
>If you could make your Ralts line Pokemon specialize in one type - meaning, they primarily use moves of that type - what would it be? Not counting Psychic or Fairy.
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