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Wargame Red Dragon

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>No Wargame thread
I'm disappointed. Consensus on the South Africa DLC?
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Age of Dubs: Westeros-edition

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Age of Dub is a simple game played here on this board. It revolves around the conquest of adjacent provinces, and making deals (like in Diplomacy).
The previous iterations of AoD have utilized randomness and demanded complete elimination of other nations, however, this version makes few changes. Firstly, there is no randomness, but all conquest is absolute, secondly, there are different win conditions.

>victory conditions
The first faction to get 7 victory points wins, victory points can be earned two ways:

Firstly, by controlling "victory sites". Of which there are 12, those being Winterfell, Pyke, The Eyrie, Riverrun, Harrenhall, Casterly Rock, Dragon Stone, King's Landing, Storm's End, High Garden, Oldtown, and Sunspear. Victory sites are displayed on the map with crowns icons.

The second way to earn victory points is by eliminating factions, when the faction conquers another faction's last province, they earn 1 victory point. However victory points aren't uninheritable, e.g. if Starks conquer Boltons, and Greyjoys conquer Starks, Greyjoys only get an elimination point from the Stark and do not inherit the elimination point Starks got from eliminating the Boltons.

There are 10 factions and 9 of them have 7 provinces, while Tyrells start with 14. The turn order is the following:
1. Bolton (pink)
2. Martell (orange)
3. Arryn (cyan)
4. Stark (dark green)
5. Lannister (red)
6. Baratheon (yellow)
7. Greyjoy (dark yellow)
8. Joffrey (purple)
9. Tully (blue)
10. Tyrell (light green)

>how do I play?
Within that turn order, state your faction and adjacent province you wish to invade and it will be invaded, for example. "Bolton #15". If the province isn't adjacent or the faction is out of turn order, it isn't counted.

>how often is the map updated?
Once every turn, try to keep up with moves of the other players until then, for example, if Boltons invade 15, Greyjoys provinces 8 and 7 are no longer adjacent.
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Any mods for EU4 ? I just feel there's little variation between the choices.

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I wish that I were as swift as the /Total War Attila Thread/.
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Any news on that unanounced gsg paradox was working on?
I heard it is going to be a fantasy game.
Will I be able to enslave elves?
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>play strategy vidya
>always play with the nation you belong to irl first
Does anyone else do this?
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The Campaign Trail

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Let's see if you have what it takes to become President. Link to the site.

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i am forgotten...
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Turn based tactics

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Just finished Xcom 2 and it was garbage. I need something to forget this abomination.
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