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What the fuck happened here?
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God I hate Mongols. Dumb horse fucking, throat gurgling, dirt eating, rape and pillaging retarded fucking Mongols. Give me games where I can kill Mongols
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Should I get it ?
I've played AOE2 years back as a kid and want a good RTS game as of now. Is it worth getting into AOE2 right now ? How active is the player base ?
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Aurora 4x Thread

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Best space 4x game ever made, no contest.
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Shadow Empire

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Last thread reached bump limit >>341347

What features/mechanics do you think this game needs?
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>here's your new civil war bro
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Battle Brothers: Ranged Edition

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Post your best named items
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Turd polishing thread

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Mods that take shit strategy games and make them reasonable or better.
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New HOI4 thread

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Last one's at the post limit.

What 'ch'yall up to? I'm currently on a "historical order of battle" stint where I only build up my forces to the maximum size the country I'm playing as achieved in WW2. Currently playing the US, which means I make a ridiculously huge navy and air force but only raise 96 divisions. So far it's worked out by going for quality over quantity (for instance, making all infantry divisions motorized, each with a tank and a tank destroyer battalion) - or maybe Franco's troops are just that shit, I dunno yet.
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>/vst/ is almost entirely PC gamers
>highest quality discussion of any /v/ related board
Can we please have a PC gaming board where we can discuss all manner of prestigious PC games, and not be limited to only strategy games?
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