StarCraft Thread

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old thread >>257849
special shoutout to >>268512
>dat smile
talk starcraft
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Library of Ruina/Lobotomy Corporation thead

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Update soon. Daily reminder that Wonderlab is canon
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>nerfed aztecs
>celt infantry bonus kicks in only in feudal
>nerfed indian cavalry
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Worth getting on sale?
What's the difference between total conflict and general deluxe?
How is comp-stomp/Co-op?
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When did Total War lose it's soul?
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Battle Brothers

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Democracy 4

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This globohomo simulator won't let me produce shit in my own country. Environmentalists assassinate me over the smallest things, so I compromise by working with farmers, but increasing farming puts an absolute drain on resources. Parents are never satisfied no matter how much crime you stomp out because muh guns. The youth might as well be labeled degenerates because every policy that helps them worsens health and morale. "Extreme Nationalism" is a crisis in the game and has to be fixed with education, despite me setting education through the roof.
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Company of heroes Thread
discuss strategies
discuss meta
discuss that x faction it's op and must be nerfed
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