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Is this why RTS is dead?

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>make new game

>copy old game mechanics & style
>"Its shit because old game is better"

>make game with new mechanics & style
>"its shit because old game is still better"
I feel like RTS is dead because no one can figure out this riddle.
How do we get out of this cycle?
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Anyone play Zero K? It's ridiculously good for a free OSS game.

Curious to know if there are any good tournament games worth watching. The one or two I've watched weren't very exciting.
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The verdict is in. RTS fans should be ashamed.
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Total War: Troy

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About to play as the Cuck King for my first real campaign. Not sure if I should do Mythos or of I owe it to myself to play the original mode first. Let us discuss this game.
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Total War 3

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What DLC factions do you want to see, /vst/?
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Front Mission

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Playing pic related right now, about two hours in, but honestly i am quite bored. It has just been so incredibly easy so far and the maps are so boring that i am not managing to get engaged. Does it get better eventually, or should i move on to Front Mission 4? I heard that one has bigger emphasis on the strategy aspect.
If not, any suggestions on another game or series that could feel closer to that?

HoI4 Modding thread

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Yeah I know that this is probably the fifth Heart of Cancer 4 thread but someone atleast gotta made a thread about it. Anyway what's mod are you playing?
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Lands of Lords

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Insider here, I got some pretty chilling info I will share with you guys. Nessos will be split up soon. Roma won't do shit and agreed to this since they will get to control Drakaris and other islands near Kaldor. Tilea,Istar and Hyperion made a plan on splitting Nessos. Here is how it goes:

Istar gets the entire souf Nessos island for themselves.
Tilea will get the 2 eastern islands in Nessos along with Arnor and Orange
Nordboar (vassalized by Hyperion) will get Everything else in the North.

These are the new agreed world borders by Tilea,Roma,Istar and Hyperion

the plan will start on September 26th 18:00 ET

Lets see if any of you notice some strange symbolism in the next ticket Hawkwood posts.
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Advanced Wars

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Why was Advanced wars one of the best turn based strategy games ever when it came out on the Gameboy Advance?
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I tried it back in late 2019 in SP and local MP, and it seemed like it would be cool if it didn't get stuck endlessly in early access.

Economic simulation remind me a little of Land of Lords, the settlement building like an Impressions game, and the server diplomacy like OGame or something similar.
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