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Lobotomy Corp / Library of Ruina

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RIP emotion levels' extra dice
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Starcraft thread

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GSL tomorrow, our madlad Zoun is up again
TY vs Dream
Armani vs Zoun
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What went wrong?
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>defeat enemy empire decisively
>occupy all their provinces
>congrats, with 100% war score you can only take 10 of their 100 provinces, did I mention their development is too high for vassalization?
>if you want to full annex, you better repeat the progress nine times, after five-year truces
>have fun occupying the same provinces, again, again, and again....
This is every Paradox (minus Stellaris), and paradrones actually defend this awfulness
>muh, if you could annex the entire nation after a full occupation, the game would be too easy
I thought overextension mechanic was there for that? If you overextend ridiculously, you are going to be overwhelmed by revolts, which is fine. But why can't Paradox let players make that mistake? There is a chance you can stabilize such endeavour, but nope "you can only x amount" even though the enemy nation is literally at your mercy.
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Guan Yu's daughter is cute, ngl.

Total War Three Kingdoms Thread
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Civ VI Thread: Leak Edition

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The cost of training the elite units of Ambiorix is higher than that of a warrior, but combat power is added when fighting against stronger enemies and areas.
Oppidum is an area that is cheaper and can be built earlier than industrial areas. When completed, the "apprentice system" technology will be released. It is able to defend, performs its own long-range attacks, and receives a large amount of adjacent bonuses from quarrys and strategic resources.
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What happened? Why did these types of games disappear? I want to look at intelligence and autistically create a mission plan, not just LOLFUCKINSHOOTEVERYTHING like the modern incarnations of R6 and ghost recon.

Where are these games? Surely something has been released in the past 10 years that has slipped under my radar?
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Endless Space 2

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Hey hey people. Is Endless Space 2 worth playing? I know to avoid the awakening dlc
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Age of Wonders

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>Ctrl+F no AoW
favorite game?
favorite race?
best unit?
playing planetfall?
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ITT: /vst/ only you played.
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