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There is no cure!

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New Warlords and Battlecry thread since the last one hit the bump limit. What game are you playing? Any interesting developments in your campaign? Why do Plaguelords suck at spreading plague? Thank you for making plaguelords coof again, TPC.
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So basically, Similar enemy army strength means vastly superior. Inferior means superior,
and anything above similar means free game over?
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So can we discuss this hoi4 mod or does it infringe on GR15? Because I had a surprising amount of fun with this mod and I want to discuss it.

Starcraft thread

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GSL tomorrow, our madlad Zoun is up again
TY vs Dream
Armani vs Zoun
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Have you done your duty to spread beauty to the universe /vst/?
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Guan Yu's daughter is cute, ngl.

Total War Three Kingdoms Thread
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ITT: Kino campaign missions
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How do I git gud? I start out nice, lvl and gear up my bros but at a certain point I am unable to replace my losses and a defeat spiral fucks me up. How do I grow my company in a way that I am always able to replace my losses?

Also Battle Bros general I guess
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We get a lot of "I'm new to strategy games" threads, so I decided to make a nice chart. >>169872

Pulled this together with some suggestions. I figured you should be able to start a thread on any of the listed games, but /vst/ is slow so that's true for a lot of titles...
Some other problems:
>some of my descriptions suck
>not sure about some picks
>not sure about the size of the chart either
>should the descriptions be there at all
>chart looks like shit cause I made it in gimp
>written like trash cause I couldn't bother to use capital letters
give feedback and I'll work on it
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The previous thread >>105715 is dead.
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