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How come it never took off the way StarCraft did? Was it missing something?
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Has any RTS ever featured an apc/ troop carrier that was actually useful? HARD MODE: No 'the troops can shoot out from inside' vehicles, thats just a tank in disguise.
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Age of Empires II - Definitive Edition

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What civ do you pick?
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How fares your Empire /vst/? Did you give an offering to our benevolent lord Johan? Did you already preorder the dlc covering the entire world and nothing at all at the same time? Excited for another month of no MEIOU 3.0 updates?
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>Let's mash-up 4000 years together as one era.
Who thought it was a good idea?
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Civilization 6 thread

Discuss the new Barbarian game mode, and any shenanigans related to it. Plus, try to guess which civ will be revealed next month. Portugal never ever

OP's starting question: Now that we got a barbarian game mode, what will the next mode will be and do you expect an unprecedented fourth expansion?


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Is it worth sinking 26 hours?
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Library of Ruina/Lobotomy Corp

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>no LoR thread up
Are all you librarians slacking of with Netzach again instead of putting up the thread?
What are we getting today for receptions, anyone know?
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Civilization 6 thread

What do you guys think about Vietnam? I know all of us are weeping at the loss of Ba Trieu's meter-long boobas, but aside from that, what are your thoughts?
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