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Age of Wonders: Planetfall

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The Virgin Kir'ko and the Chad Oathbound edition.
Keep Preserving the Future fellow swarmheralds

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warhammer tolal war 3

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i am from the future, ask me anything about wh3,
or discuss gaym.
hardmode: chorfs are not op
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Rise of Nations

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I have always sucked at RTS games but here I go again with another try. How do you all like Rise of Nations?
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What happened? Why did these types of games disappear? I want to look at intelligence and autistically create a mission plan, not just LOLFUCKINSHOOTEVERYTHING like the modern incarnations of R6 and ghost recon.

Where are these games? Surely something has been released in the past 10 years that has slipped under my radar?
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Starcraft thread

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GSL tomorrow, our madlad Zoun is up again
TY vs Dream
Armani vs Zoun
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How do we feel about it?
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How's your colonists & base doing anons? Rimworld thread
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