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AI War 2

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>switches engine and redesigns entire game halfway through
>goes into massive debt in doing so
>wife leaves him
>creates the highest IQ game of all time
How are your matches going? When will sseth do a video on it and save poor Chris?
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Zoo Tycoon

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Last thread died ): >>10222

Zoo Tycoon is one of the best and most in-depth management sims from the golden age of tycoon games. The first game is gold standard (better than RTC2 imo) and the second one is a legit classic

Any tips, tricks, lore, mods, patches you got?

still waiting for an open-ZT1 desu
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ITT: /vst/ only you played.
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How do I git gud? I start out nice, lvl and gear up my bros but at a certain point I am unable to replace my losses and a defeat spiral fucks me up. How do I grow my company in a way that I am always able to replace my losses?

Also Battle Bros general I guess
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Lobotomy Corp / Library of Ruina

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RIP emotion levels' extra dice
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>defeat enemy empire decisively
>occupy all their provinces
>congrats, with 100% war score you can only take 10 of their 100 provinces, did I mention their development is too high for vassalization?
>if you want to full annex, you better repeat the progress nine times, after five-year truces
>have fun occupying the same provinces, again, again, and again....
This is every Paradox (minus Stellaris), and paradrones actually defend this awfulness
>muh, if you could annex the entire nation after a full occupation, the game would be too easy
I thought overextension mechanic was there for that? If you overextend ridiculously, you are going to be overwhelmed by revolts, which is fine. But why can't Paradox let players make that mistake? There is a chance you can stabilize such endeavour, but nope "you can only x amount" even though the enemy nation is literally at your mercy.
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Starcraft thread

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GSL tomorrow, our madlad Zoun is up again
TY vs Dream
Armani vs Zoun
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About to fire up Battlefleet Gothic for the first time, what am I in for?
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Endless Space 2

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Hey hey people. Is Endless Space 2 worth playing? I know to avoid the awakening dlc
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