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New Three Kingdoms Update. The new content thus far
>new scheme mechanic for Cao Cao and captain's armory for Yuan Shao along with 5 new units
>Emperor mechanic reworked to actually be useful and can give you boons
>you can reinstate the Han Empire with him as your faction leader
>characters added to be playable in other starts (He Yi in 194, Yuan Shu 182, etc)
>Council is actually useful now and gives more interesting missions
>a fuck ton of new uniques, including Cao Ren and Yu Jin
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Oldschool and newschool friends welcome. Discuss favorite mods, interesting strategies, the sexual viability of vipers, you name it.

Truth be told i've never played the original XCOM UFO Defense, but I do see that it has been put on sale for a buck on GoG. The reviews are high and I enjoyed NuCom 1 and 2 a fair bit. What's so great about it?
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Do I suck or is the campaign kinda hard?
Spend the whole day playing the second serpentholm level where Otomo betrays you (I'm playing serpent).
You start in a kinda shitty unsafe spot and get fucked up by dragon and wolf clan every few min, even just trying to defend with towers and all was impossible.
Dunno it just takes so fucking long to make some fucking units.

I finished it by first rushing one of the wolfs clan areas, then I rebuild my army and abandoned my own base once I got attacked by the wolf and dragon clan, while they destroyed my stuff I finished the rest of the wolf clan so it was a fair 1vs1 afterwards.
But I had to completely rebuild everything afterwards as I only took one peasant with me.

I play on easy and set game speed to the slowest possible while in combat.

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>shit gameplay
>shit simulation
>constant obnoxious updates
>historical revisionism
>deep as a puddle
>worst looking map painter on the market
>500$ DLC packs
>reddit pandering

Name one redeeming quality
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ITT: shit/unrecognizable vst icons and portraits

we all know that it happens pretty often
I'll start
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Endless Space 2

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Last thread: >>293550
Does anyone still play multiplayer?
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HELLO /vst/
i am an elite skirmisher, the most worthless unit in AOE2. why i am i worthless? because the absolute dogshit AI in this game makes me attack the closest unit, instead of the archers i am supposed to be fighting. also, the dogshit AI means that enemy archers wont be attacking me since i am in the back and not in the front.

therefore the bonus damage against archers is worthless.
therefore the bonus armor against archers is worthless.

I, the elite skirmisher, am a fundamentally flawed unit.
of course all units in AOE2 are fundamentally flawed to the point of worthlessness. so that is par for the course in this broken retarded game.
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>8 quad cannons pop out
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What campaign would you like to see in a future Graviteams DLC?
For me, I personally can see some Rzhev battles in the future
It's 1942-43 so they could easily reuse the assets and show some futile meatgrinder soviet assaults on well entrenched german positions (both summer and winter campaings are viable) which would be pure Graviteam kino
It's surprising they haven't done this already
For something a bit more original, they could maybe do 43-44 winter campaign (Korsun Pocket) which could show newer German tech (Panthers, Tigers) facing impossible odds against Soviet offensives in hellish winter conditions
Goddamn it, I love this game so much
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can you give me some advice on how to improve at chess?

I went from 850 elo to 756 last night, very sad about that
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