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This is my favourite Total War.
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Is this game worth playing in 2020?
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Revival / Spiritual Successor when?

To this day this is the only Real Time w/ Pause game that I actually enjoyed. Sucks the modding community for this game has dwindled down to a dozen boomers with two or three who actually know how to use EZScript to make custom campaigns.


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I wanna give this game a try. Is there a website or client that I can use to play online?
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What are some RTS that try to minimize micro, /vst/? Let's talk about those.
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Play Arsenal of Democracy
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Halo Wars 2 on PC: good, nothing special, or just shit? Worth going through the trouble of buying it from M$'s store?

Warcraft 3 Thread

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Reforged and cucks need not apply
Pirated 1.29 or earlier only
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The lack of coomer mods for ck3 is gonna make me quit the game entirelly. So far we only have a framework and a few shitty vagina/penis meshes. It's been 2 months already. We need sexsexsex
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Commerce, baby

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So I finished my first game of Endless Space 2 as the Lumeris because booba. I got an economic victory which seems kind of lame. I don't feel like I got to see the late-game at all, really.

So who should I play, and why? What's your favorite faction, and what's the most fun victory type to go for? Do you disable any victory conditions when you play? What about galaxy shapes, which is your favorite?
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