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RTS games peaked with homeworld. It's been downhill from there.
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How come it never took off the way StarCraft did? Was it missing something?
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What's /vr/'s best tips for completing a Superhuman runthrough? Using OpenXcom with vanilla settings, so slightly different engine.

General X-Com/UFO thread, I guess.
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Does Free Cities: Pregmod count as strategy game?
It has you managing multiple slaves, military units, societal policies and even bodies of your slaves so you can turn them into combat cyborg catgirls to fight in arena against other slaves
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Simultaneous turn based games

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Games like laser squad nemesis, frozen synaps, phantom brigade.
I think it's a really cool concept, allowing more laidback turn based battles but avoiding many of the problems with turn based like how turn order is massively important.

Which more games experimented with this style.
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What makes this the best Heroes of Might and Magic game ever made?
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RTS Ports

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talk about source ports/remasters of RTS games
>openra,Zero-K, AOE2DEF etc
TQ: what RTS do you want a source port of?
personally i want Warcraft 2 because its source code got leaked
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What is your most played /vst/ game?
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Need the name of the PC game

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Hey, does anyone know the name of the strategy game? It´s really old.. You had one unit that looked like UFO. You have to capture tank factories, to create units. Tanks spawned by their own after that. You could also upgrade your units at some point. To win you have to capture most of the factories and destroy enemy base.