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Planetary Annihilation:Titans

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AoE 1

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>Comfy atmosphere
>Bulky sounds
>Hunt wild animals and fish
>Build houses with your own 2 hands
>Bronze Age PWNs
>Insert Tim The Tool Man grunting
I've been playing the campaign and it's comfy. I haven't gone online yet but I saw a Vietnamese player click a million times a second on Twitch so I'm guessing the community will be too good for me. Regardless it feels more manly than AoE 2. And I'm still on the tutorial campaign and there's custom campaigns as well. You also get to learn about History.
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SMAC Thread

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The drones need you anon.
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city building games

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how can a genre be so comfy
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Wargames thread

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I tried, I honestly tried, but in the end the only Wargame that I managed to have a good grasp on and have fun with is WinSPMBT, althrough Close Combat is growing on me, its still painfully slow paced
WinSPMBT is simply so much easier to get into, while still having a good amount of depth, is set in a time period that interests me more, and has the little bonus of my country being playable, maybe I'm just too much of a brainlet
Anyway, favourite campaigns?Fireforce! Rhodesia 1978 is a fucking blast so far, maybe because its so infantry-centered
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I fucking suck at this game. I always feel like i'm behind the AI no matter what i do. By the time i barely squeezed second Settlers, they all already have 3-4 cities and took best spots around me. They have more units and just more everything. Yes i do know about Tradition and Liberty trees but that has to be more than that because even when i got Liberty i felt like i was very behind.
I managed to win only three times:
>first time i played as Russia with Time Victory on Difficulty 3
>second time Russia again with Military win on 4
>third time as Babylon on Science with 4
Every other time they get ultra advantage on me early game and just crush me and make me ragequit.
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What's the appeal? I like pretty much every other Paradox game but for some reason this one is just too uninteresting. Maybe it's the period. I've never been that interested in WW2, there's less variety in the amount of viable countries, and the game revolves around Germany. There's just not much substance in this game imo. Especially when compared to the depth of EU4.
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Athenboo here. What are some games where i can Larp as ancient Athens?
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