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Anno 1800

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DE 0:00 / 1:19 Age of Wonders: Planetfall STAR KINGS - Announcement Trailer ESRB

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Vanilla HoI4 thread?

Are frontlines a meme?

>draw spearhead order for my tanks along a short front
>Instead of bumrushing to their destination they take the time to fight anything that happens to be near them
>frontline gets stretched for some godforsaken reason instead of trying to retain its original proportion, stretching my offensive thin
>Use field marshal frontline because I read somewhere that it's better than using individual general's frontlines in order to avoid the lines stretching
>They constantly relocate to the point that some are even using strategic redeployment

Is the whole system just fucked? Should I just skip frontlines and micro everything?
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Stellaris Thread

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It's out
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Just got out of prison after doing 10 years, what are some good strategy games to check out? Last one I remember playing was Starcraft 2
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The hive cluster is under attack.
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Why can't Paradox make a decent Antiquity game? All we get is some mediocre soulless trash like EU:Rome and Imperator Rome but the setting deserves so much more
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we are waiting
Seriously why anniunce an update then not release it
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Have a guy in a minecraft survival server that only builds automated farms and stuff, he basically has everything
feels to me like he has a god complex. as he is basically maxed out after 5 days of playing and wants to keep having stuff, its defeating the purpose of exploring and building. Is it just a random thought of mine or is this a thing?

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I love epic historical fiction that revolves around the construction of a cathedral. Will I like this game?