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Jagged Alliance

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Never played this and it's time I remedy that. Anything I should know before going in?
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>ruins your comfy board
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Is this worth playing if I don't know anything about RoTK or ancient chink history in general?
I didn't really care about Shogun 2 because all the factions just looked the same with small bonuses to each (one had better swordsmen, other had better archers, etc.) which seemed kind of lame and this looks like it does the same thing.
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Galactic Civilizations

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Make way, best space 4X coming through
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Urtuk - The Desolution

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New TBS game just comes out.

Anyone tried it yet? How does it compare to Battle Bros?
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Age of Empires II - Definitive Edition

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What civ do you pick?
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Sword of the stars

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Lets all remember just how good this game was and even now still is even if the sequel was dogshit
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>The only kickstarter I've ever gave money to was this game's sequel.
>It failed.
Will we ever get a real sequel?
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What is the best Dawn of War game? Both quality of life and general quality wise
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Play Field of Glory II: Medieval
Seriously though now you can pit Ancient armies against Medieval armies.
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