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Athenboo here. What are some games where i can Larp as ancient Athens?
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>no Wesnoth thread
What campaign are you playing anon?
Using any mods?
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>play as Japan
>Highly militaristic superpower at the top of an unstable and crumbling empire
>Sit and do nothing the entire game
What the fuck? Who designed this shit?
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Play Mark of Chaos.
It's basically a proto-Total Warhammer.
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Song of Syx citybuilder

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Dwarf fortress + rimworld + total war with extremely comfy pixel graphics.

Surely I cannot be the only one playing this gem? I am about to start a new city in 30 minutes when the new version comes out.
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Which RTS campaign style do you prefer and why?

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>Traditional style
All factions' campaigns follow the same central conflict. They take place at the same time but from a different perspective, and slowly divulge into their own alternate timelines as the player's efforts grant important victories to their faction. The "good" faction's ending is usually (but not always) canon.
Examples: Dune 2, Command & Conquer franchise, Warcraft 1.
>Blizzard style
There is only one timeline and a central story, which is sequentially told in parts through the factions' campaigns. All endings are canon as they just lead towards the next campaign.
Examples: Starcraft 1 & 2, Warcraft 3.
>Scenario style
The campaigns follow completely or mostly seperate stories, usually based on a historical scenario. There is usually only one perspective and ending per scenario.
Examples: Age of Empires 2, Empire Earth.
>Sandbox style
There is no set storyline or rigid mission structure. You usually have a world map screen with dynamic events. Basically a lightweight 4X in which RTS gameplay is used to resolve battles.
Examples: Total War franchise, Rise of Nations.
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Ok fellas this is it. I'm fed off simple as 4X games.

The retarded view of the economy with 2-4 resources, the player is in total control like some sort of Nortk Korean fantasy, lame ass politics, etc.

I want:

- Private economy independent from state economy.
- Sociologic dinamics.
- Interesting politics, factions, parties, etc.

Games like Victoria, Meiou mod for EU or Distant Worlds Universe.

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I've recently gone back to playing Warhammer 2 after leaving it alone for over a year, and i've discovered the phenomenon of the Ordertide

I've not encountered it myself because i only got a handful of turns in on a few factions, but is it really as bad as it seems to me? I fear my dorf campaign would be a snoozefest and my carstein run will be an endless siege of men and dawi if this is the case

Also Total Warhammer thread i guess
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Thoughts on Hex based tactis? Is there any way to make it fresh or does it instantly turn you off from a game?

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kind of stupid how america is the only team that doesn't have nukes
>europe gets access to a prototype heavy railgun artillery that shoots neutron warheads (basically nukes with stronger radiation)
>gla can destroy nuclear power plants and outfit their bomb trucks with their material
>russia gets topol m and icbm silos (requires a gen point)
>china keeps their nuke missile superweapon from the original game but also gains nuke loadouts for their helicopters