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I love epic historical fiction that revolves around the construction of a cathedral. Will I like this game?

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Do you think its worth creating an Open Source Hearts of Iron IV clone?
What would you change?
What would you keep?
What would be the hardest aspect of development?

If I were to lead development,
>Do away with 3D, so it is highly performative and easy to develop.
>Stronger emphathis on Economics.
>Allow for queuing up decisions.
>Allow for Factory Build Orders.
>Copy a comprehensive mod from HOI4, to handle things like unique tech trees and the like.
>Building of Railways to handle logistics and economic development.
>gulag system for handling prisoners of war, jews, etc.
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Why is the health system in the combat mechanics of Attila (as well as the other newer total war games) bad?
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What's the potential for this one? Is it worth it to get it right now?
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Gears Tactics

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General discussion, XCom rip off? Or decent gaem. Best character builds/equipment, general tips, etc.

Myth The Fallen Lords / Soulblighter

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Anyone else still plays this?
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Do you have any speculation on a potential CoH 3? Any hopes? Will Lelic finally add authentic uniforms and commanders or will they meme it up even harder? How hard will they neuter the modding community?
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This is the best RTS game ever made. This is true innovation. Shove your derivative gook clickfests up your asses.
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I just played it for the first time

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What did I think of it?
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How much of a point is there to play Total War campaigns beyond the first fifty years or so? I played Rome for literally thousands of hours as a kid and recently got into Rome II, and after I take nine or ten provinces the game feels like it becomes a management sim with no one able to oppose me. I played the Britons on legendary and meeting Rome at like 200 BC was a massive challenge, I got my ass kicked, but then playing through it the second time I realized there was just nothing to do after beating the Romans. Will I meet some massive AI final boss if I play it all the way through? Or does the challenge of the campaign just fall off?
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