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Well /vst/? Which generic RTS faction do you always play as?
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What went right/wrong?
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Where do I get the best China-experience?
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Best strategy rpg?

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I've been searching for a good blend but other than CK2 which has gotten way old, everything else feels like a poor man's HoMM clone where you spam max tier units and have a hero who is a somewhat better unit.
AoW 3
Endless Legend
Fun games but it feels like they're missing something.
Any suggestions?
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Tactics games

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Why aren’t you playing the best genre of strategy games, tactics?
>Not about memorizing and having apm, all about making smart decisions and reacting
>Feel like a genius when you perform the ultimate flanking move, or use 3 abilities together creatively
>Equally enjoyable in well made single player modes, or against sweaty harcore esports players
>Paradox haven’t completely ruined it yet
Whats your favorite tactics game? Any you are looking forward to?
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what was your gateway into strategy games /vst/?
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How to run a setting into the ground 101
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YouTube channels

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Post your fav strategy/tactic game YouTubers here, I'm looking for something to help me sleep or watch as background noise while playing.

Any lesser known channels you can recommend?
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verify your clock motherfuckers
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Why do Polish games have so much soul? I am seriously wondering.
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