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Thoughts on Hex based tactis? Is there any way to make it fresh or does it instantly turn you off from a game?

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kind of stupid how america is the only team that doesn't have nukes
>europe gets access to a prototype heavy railgun artillery that shoots neutron warheads (basically nukes with stronger radiation)
>gla can destroy nuclear power plants and outfit their bomb trucks with their material
>russia gets topol m and icbm silos (requires a gen point)
>china keeps their nuke missile superweapon from the original game but also gains nuke loadouts for their helicopters

CK2 thread for poorfags such as myself

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How's your run going? I've been going for Zoroastrian reformation but Zoroastrianism is pretty barebones compared to other pagans, especially after Holy Fury
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Who can defeat him?
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What's /vst/'s opinion of it?
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Wait, why am I suddenly a Zerg brain?
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Dona he?
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Total War Campaign-posting

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Post your current campaigns!
Post pictures and WEBMs of your empire, battles, army compositions etc
Any Total War game is welcome
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> orkthrows a grenade with pinpoint accuracy further than you can fire

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its complete bullshit how orks and most chaos units can throw grenades further than most weapons can even fire
it wouldnt be nearly as bad if grenades didnt instantly kill most guardsmen
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Scourge of War Antietam

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what does /vst/ think about scourge of war antietam or even the scourge of war series in general

thinking abt trying them out, is antietam a good into to the series?