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Hello /v/eterans, /his/ here and i humbly require your assistance.
Could you please inform me of realistic strategy games, that involve the whole current modern world as a field of diplomacy and conquest?
Something the like of Europa Universalis, but with modern day politics, economics and weaponry.
Thank you in advance, and i hope you have a nice day.
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Warzone 2100

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Has there been another strategy game like it?

>Units and base carry over between missions
>Map grows as you advance through the campaign
>Unit veterancy means something, you can keep units alive from the the first mission till the last
>Re-enforcements for away missions are produced at your main base and take time to transport
>1000s of units to design/build.
>Massive tech tree with logical and incremental upgrades.
>Full array of radar systems including enemy radar detection and counter artillery
>Stupid amounts of units on the field simultaneously.

Really, I haven't seen anything like it since.
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play hoi4 millenium dawn
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What are some semi-obscure titles that are worth looking at? Pic related

>Grey Goo
>Submarine Titans
>0 A.D.

Hoi4 TNO Mod

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Thoughts about the mod?
Btw I don't give a shit about the devs
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what is the best paradox game?
i think its either hoi4 or eu1
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>shit teammates
>autolose the match
never have a seen more annoying team strategy game
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Play Field of Glory II: Medieval
Seriously though now you can pit Ancient armies against Medieval armies.
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What're some tycoon/business management games you enjoy? I've wanted to play one, but the only ones I have in my steam library are game dev tycoon and roller coaster tycoon, both of which I'm kinda burned out on. Would love some recommendations.
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