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Does anyone play this

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Is it any good?

also on sale on steam 75%off, super cheap at the moment
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This is the best RTS game ever made. This is true innovation. Shove your derivative gook clickfests up your asses.
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I've heard mixed things about this game (it's shit/it's great), but never a clear answer why.

Is it worth picking up? Any of the DLC? If not, what makes it shit?
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Recommend me a game similar to Rimworld in how it plays (not necessarily the sci-fi aesthetic, more the mechanical stuff), that I can play somewhat cooperatively with a friend.
The multiplayer mod for Rimworld was fun, but too finicky to install extra functionality, and too annoying when it desyncs.
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Shadow Empire

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Dont be shy anon, show us your empires
and your cool generated planets.

Bonus points for showing us your logistics network.
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Say, I'm new to these map expansion/nation building games. Which one would be a good place to start?

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Library of Ruina / Lobotomy Corporation thread.
How do you enjoy the new abnormalities?
New wonderlab when?
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Airships conquer the skies

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I wish this game worked on my pc,but it doesn't even open
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I still play Medieval 2 Total War
it's always a fun game to come back to
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