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>Construction Plates are parallel build queues that offer an alternate method of increasing production. Hover a factory blueprint within 420 elmos of a factory of the same type to place a construction plate.
>Cost 150
>Health 1000 (1500 for Ship)
>Build Power 10
What the fuck?
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Whats the best crusader kings to start with?
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What's your favorite shit but fun unit?
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Why is Age of Empires 2 better than AoE3?
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Anno 1800 thread

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I was wondering how come anno 1800 hasn't been mentioned on this board once. I've played it for a bunch of hours and found it a comfy game desu. What's your opinion anons? Any strong feelings?

The x-com files

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When are we gonna get cats?

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How the fuck do I do the campaign in this? Egypt is a nightmare. Also only the first rank of your infantry fires so the enemy usually just swarms you with melee.
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D U N E Thread

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>Dune trailer released
>no Dune thread

DUNE CHADS get in here!

Dune II!
Dune 2000!
Emperor: Battle for Dune!

Post anything as long as its DUNE and RTS!
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