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I still play Medieval 2 Total War
it's always a fun game to come back to
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Why can't Paradox make a decent Antiquity game? All we get is some mediocre soulless trash like EU:Rome and Imperator Rome but the setting deserves so much more
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Revival / Spiritual Successor when?

To this day this is the only Real Time w/ Pause game that I actually enjoyed. Sucks the modding community for this game has dwindled down to a dozen boomers with two or three who actually know how to use EZScript to make custom campaigns.
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d4. Your move.
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Command: Modern Operations

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Worth a buy? Looks interesting but also very complex. Been watching a lot of videos recently on it so I'm tempted.
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What's the Teutonic Knight of each respected strategy game?
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Anyone played After the End mod for ck2? Because I have been solely playing this mod for a long time and I would like to talk about it. I mostly play around Caribbean Empire, New England and the Great Lakes region. The last one seems to me like one of the most interesting region on the map, with many different Christians groups, viking larpers, indians and machine worshipers all gathered around the lakes. On the opposite side I once tired to play in the northern Canada and it was just a slog to move army around.
It's quite a shame that the dev more likely will move the project to ck3 since there are still some regions, cultures and religions that need more polish and more features.
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Parkitect Multiplayer

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Parkitect just announced that next month they will be releasing multiplayer for the game. They haven't released full details other than up to 8 players can build at a time and it's Dec 8th release date, but still looks pretty promissing. Anyone here play Parkitect at all? RCT bros can join in too.

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> wipes out your C: drive
nothing personnel, bro.
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