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civ 6 minmaxxing

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am i retarded? everybody tells me civ 6 is easy as fuck to beat, but i cant beat emperor in under 200 turns. chinks can win on deity in 50 turns if they get stonehenge, 70 if not. how tf do i git gud?
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if sim cities are /vst/, is stardew valley and its kind /vst/ as well?
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Fellow grand strategy and other strategy players alike! Some say it takes a special breed of person to enjoy strategy games so I am curious if there is any correlation between choice of occupations/education for our type of gamer.
I am hoping to find some similarities in interests among fans of a genre.

To keep it simple, why not just post your favorite game and your job/schooling.
To keep from fan bashing, your job/schooling and what you would like/are hoping to do.

I'll start
>Shogun 2 and Ck2 are the two I have logged the most hours in.
>job: Warehouse forklift driver
>school: Currently in an Electro-mechanical technician program.
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What are some tank games?
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What is the most OP unit of all RTS games?
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The great debate.

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Which game has the best...

Diplomacy AI?
Battle mechanics?

I really liked the map in Empire but the diplomacy in Napoleon was much better, but the map was so much less interesting.

Currently playing 3K and it's pretty good. Is Warhammer 2 much better than Warhammer 1?
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